4 small UI proposals

While doing incursions I’ve realized there’s a few simple features that would really come in handy:

  1. The Watch List cap increase is amazing as a logi, but filling the watch list can be a pain, especially if your fleet has several squads, would it be possible to also add to “fleet” and “wing” the “Add members to watchlist” option that is currently only available for “squad”?
  2. The Watch List can become really long, the “Compact Mode” is pretty useless as it is only reducing the border, please make the “Compact Mode” also reduce the spacing between the lines. (but tbh that’s a complaint I have about the whole of Photon UI)
  3. The “Clear all Broadcast Icons” in the Watch List menu has the potential to be really useful, would it be possible to add a Keyboard Shortcut for it?
  4. As a DPS in fleets I usually want to keep my broadcast window free of all the shield/armor/cap spam, but would also want to make sure that my own went through. It would be cool to have a “Always show my own broadcasts” option in the “Broadcast Settings”, so that even if I hide one type I can get the feedback that it was sent to the rest of the fleet

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