Better fleet tool

Something that came up in a discussion recently was that for a game that is so involved around fleeting up with others for fun content, the in-game fleet tool is lacking some features that would really help in finding, forming and participating in fleet.

Feature: In-game Fleet Forming Tool

  • Button style click to invite from the tool
  • In-game notification when invited
  • Out of game ping when fleet is actually starting/when invited (portal?)
  • Whitelist+blacklist (ACL) functionality for who can see, who can x-up
  • Allowed fits/fit variations, custom ship categorization (Fit A is Logi, Fit B is DPS, etc), minimum skills per fit customization
  • Make it easy for someone to see what fits the FC is looking for, skill pre-req check per fit
  • Easily integrate fits with market buy all and contract lookup
  • Ability to form a fleet with a saved setup of wings, squads, MOTD, ACL and fleet comp
  • Allow sharing of saved fleet setups with player groups, corps, alliance (ACL?). Allow different read/write perms
  • Allow for fleets to be posted prior to the FC being online, perhaps calendar style or something so people can see what fleets are coming up and get hyped about them, buy the right fits, etc.
  • Allow players to x-up prior to fleet formation in-game, but after the FC has opened the fleet for x-up
  • Manage all of this out of game (portal?)

Feature: Fleet History Report

  • Who joined?
  • When did they join?
  • How long did they fly?
  • What ship type(s) did they use?
  • How much damage did they deal or repair?
  • How much did they mine?
  • What sites each player ran (missions, conduits, incursion…), etc.
  • Allow the ability to produce a report since the fleet boss took over, since the last report was produced or given a timeframe.
  • Allow copy to clipboard for easy import into spreadsheet or similar (like moon scanner)
  • Bonus if it allows to enter in a total fleet reward and divide it amongst fleet members based on time, mining amount, sites, damage, etc
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We do not need dps meters in EVE.
Those are even more toxic than billboards.

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