Bring it back, CCP.

Go full steam in features that promote conflict.

This one, was one of many that just didn’t need to go.

Do eet nao.


I certainly remember fondly the rush of activity as the enemy started logging on.

We knew it was the start of something worth doing, and so did they.


And just an equal decline in activity as you see enemy logging in their cap/supercap fleet.

Indeed. Watch lists or observatory arrays that ping the corp/alliance that something/someone you are interested in has just come within range.

Wouldnt know about that, I didnt have caps then, our lot had precious few so we didnt take em out for just lols tbh (Not being a driver of one, not my business either way really), and the high Sec wars I had were in Aridia, so it was a high bubble surrounded by low.

It pretty much meant capital deployment only occurred near defensible structures (i.e. Stations and POSes)

“i am interested in non-blue vessels” > get pinged > dock in their ratting/mining ship. More effective than even local and awfully similar to Near2.

Friend or foe?

And what’s a pvp capable vessel?


So you’ve edited your reply because i think you’re beginning to understand.

Observatories don’t have to have the option to pick up all ships. Certain ship types can be invisible to them. Like covert ops t1 frigs, recons, blops, or whatever you want.

They also don’t necessarily have to be able to sort blues from non-blues. And could have a range such that it’s not really useful for docking up as soon as something appears.

Don’t bring it back, too much free intel still in game as it is…

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