Networked Sensor Array + Balance

Hi all …

I would like to ask to CCP if is possible after you nerf the Networked Sensor Array ( 5 minutes was better ), make all ship dont warp when they are in system and come a neutral , because i thing is not fair to neutral have ships warping and he can’t catch any . Was nice as well all ships dont use any way of defence because is not fair a neutral must run when they attack him .Ahh all most forget when some alliace come to attack another one that one should have all ships stopped in space and let them be kill .
And bots , i dont understand way we should report a bot when you dont do nothing CCP.
And this was the RIGHT F*** balance you do it to all of us .
Thank you for your attention

I don’t know what you’re taking.

But I want some please !

Closed due to rant.