FW, Navy ships, Neutrals

Thank you CCP on the great changes made to FW.

However, with introducing new navy ships, comes their uses by pirate neutrals in FW plexing sites…

It begs the question:

Why should a non-aligned neutral player reap all the same benefits when flying those navy ships inside plexes as aligned FW players would ?

FW pilots work to farm the LP to pop those ships into the market, so why should some randoms be allowed to roam around with them and cause risk-free disturbance to providers ?

Isn’t it now time, to restrict neutral uses of all Navy (old and new) ships inside FW plexes ?

It could come in many forms, ie: resistances penalties when entering plex, or dps nerf, or agility … all depending on the type of plex site entered, perhaps …

Going the extra mile with the introduction of all these new navy ships is a must in my opinion, to streamline the new FW experience and to make neutrals think twice and smarter before using navy ships against aligned FW pilots and entering their turf.

Nope. Their earning the LP too and paying it out that or using ISK.

Welcome to capitalism :smiley:

Cry moar tho :smiley:

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How does a neutral earn FW LP ?

Oh you mean, his alts ?

… riiight

FTR Endecom systems have restrictions, Trig systems have also , Abyssal sites too, wormholes have them as well …

Shouldn’t navy ships and sites be you know … NAVY restricted content ? The whole point of having an aligned Navy to begin with, or a FW system for that matter …

Neutrals should have no say in this matter, or at the very least, a dampened say, or else bling out their non navy ships, and risk on a little more for taking on military units…

(BTW, Navy Destroyers, was stupid idea…)

It’s low sec, you could just push them out forcefully yourself.

Not really.

I get you’re salty about being blapped in your own navy ships but LOL.

Just shoot them and be done with it.

But…but…I thought CCP was supposed to handle my problems for me.

Obviously, you did not. Or maybe you didn’t even read the OP. Do you know what the subject matter is and did you contribute to the conversation? No need to answer, we already know.

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I like you.

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This thread has to be a joke, as it’s exactly the sort of low-sec whine I’ve been warning about recently.

As a former neutral who spent the past, what, 6 months? Disturbing the local FW warzone: No. Lowsec pirates already have one of the :poop: -iest and difficult lifes in Eve Online. Outside of FW, it is hard to find fights, and we already come into your sites as suspect so you have:

  • Positional advantage: you should win based on that alone
  • Disengagement advantage: you are able to see what ship is on 0.1AU D-scan and warp out safely if you don’t want to fight that kind of ship
  • Pirate is suspect: You have 0 repercussions should you choose to engage and deal the first strike
  • You are not suspect: If the pirate wants to aggress first, they have to take the sec status hit (and we know with the current patch the consequences are now even more elevated)

I was recently warning about incoming whining about wanting a safer time making ISK in lowsec, I just didn’t expect it so soon! :rofl:

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i understand you but…
i don’t think you paint the real picture

you guys can dock everywhere and get counter ships
plus you guys don’t have to fly jack of all trades ships , just wait on home system for people to plex
several times some smart pirate came to my plex at the last minute with a OP blinged ship for the FOMO play
its not like positioning will matter much wen a garmur point you outside of aurora range
plus suspect is kinda irrelevant its like that just to not lose sec status every time a pirate enters and bail (like it was before)

just saying
i dont agree with op

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Sure, being neutral has its benefits too. None of it is overt ISK-making like FW LP.

  • Nothing says that you as a militia member must fly a jack-of-all-trades ship into a plex.
  • Nothing forces you to have to warp into a plex with your aurora beam-laser ship where there’s a Garmur waiting.
  • You can fly blingy Garmurs too.
  • Waiting in a home system maybe mattered for Amamake, but is an exception, not a norm. I certainly wasn’t about to sit around in Kamela or Arzad for all 0 pilots (or wait for RSM with the Punisher-into-worm bait).
  • The ability for the militia to flip systems in the old system didn’t seem hampered, even when Amamake pirates were sitting Phoenixes in Open plexes on behalf of Amarr, Minmatar still flipped it.
  • Suspect is absolutely relevant. Before it was there, militia members were (rightfully) complaining about sec status losses for shooting neutrals that were camping their O/D plexes. Adding the suspect timer for neutrals sliding into plexes was a much-needed change for militia folks.

I hear you, but I think you over emphasizing some weird aspects.

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dude is a fact that wen i kill militia guys is t2 ■■■■ meme fit
wen i kill pirates is bling bling big cash day

yes we have , because we set a BIIIIG waypoint destination and go plex all over the war-zone and specialized ships makes no sense

the garmur jump on the last minute overheat and even with 2 webs i cant kill hin before he is 15 km away and them he goes like 50 and still point me , the ■■■■

makes no sense for ME to use the garmur because the garmur was made to kill me because the bloke looked on zkill my fit and cherry picked … plus the mimies have a intel channel to say hey guys lets kill that amarr scum , nobody calls lets kill that neutral
forming to get you

yes for us like you said

yes we can agree on that
but i never saw someone saying what you said

im militia because of LP , else i would be neutral
and for the love of amarr but that is irrelevant here :stuck_out_tongue:

btw pirates and militia are LOW SEC , i like both ,dislike all the rest that came after , to me this fight is weird

Let me be the first. :smiley:

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Ban these sick criminal scum

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No it is relevant.

What’s even the point of having aligned and empire relevant breeds of navy ships if said ships end up in the same furball in the end ?

Navy Thrasher Fleet vs Navy Thrasher fleet ?

I always found the concept so abhorrent, you could just simply skip the “Navy” label and call them “Elite”, and that would be the end of my argument, and complaint.

And I wont even start the imbalance brought by Navy Destroyers related to cruisers, with current HP, cruisers are utterly useless now, and just get welped, even buffer fitted ones.

2 Navy Thrashers is enough for one plated cruiser for instance … (10 to 15 sec fight tops)

So yea, we have tons of neutrals running around in those now.

It was bad before with Worms, and now, well thanks, we got something else…

I’ll just patiently wait on the incoming nerf before I throw any of my time into this.

We pirates have FW alts, We also farm LP and We also Buy the Ships.

Kite the 2 thrashers with a Nano Snake Orthrus

Yeah, I havent spent all my time building and making brawly ships for this update to have them rendered utterly useless now.

Fk off.


Do you know how long we had to adapt to ■■■■ gameplay due to incessant Worm use ?

No, Fk Off.

Design better and balanced gameplay first.