Why Neut's are destroying faction warfare!?

After spending months being immersed in FW its become apparent that being a war participant, for the purpose of war has little benefit at all.

I hope CCP will see that there’s a huge issue with the FW system within plexing sites that can easily be resolved in my mind, if there is a good reason to me not seeing the bigger picture please let me know.

If you sign up to the war on any side you are immediately a war target, which is great to carry your colours to battle until you realise that plex tactics and gate ghosting is thwarted on almost every occasion by the severe loss of Sec Status while plexing because of neuts’.

If your inside the plex, kill a neut minus sec status if you defend or attack a system.
If your outside the gate checking for neut activity and get into a brawl, minus sec status.
If you try and enter a system close to 100% “gate camp of neuts” (always) sec status … and the list goes on. the wars being manipulated by neuts in a way thats stopping pilots plexing, fighting, battling and taking systems because of neuts or neut blobs.

would it not make sense that making a reduction in sec status loss of war target v neut’s within FW systems would make people less fearful of joining FW, and zero sec status loss within plexes. as there’s no reason for neut to be in a plex in the first place.

an alternative could be that if a neutral player fights with a player assigned in FW, within a site (through the gate) immediately becomes the opposing side in the war for a period of 48 hrs timer perhaps. i feel it would revive the FW effort on all sides and reduce the hit to isk earnt for those that have to buy tags or time lost for those that need to mission run to increase their sec status before going back to fight more in the war. which again must make a huge dent in FW activity.

i would love to know if this is just myself and other newer players that feel this way or if there’s a good reason why this shouldn’t be done.

Sec status is like virginity…once you lose it you don’t miss it much.

Who is afraid of joining FW? Been in it for two years, -5.4 status and not bothered.

Train a transport alt and forget about sec status.


If you’re loosing sec status, you must be initiating combat.

You are aggressing on a neutral who might be seeing the inside of a fw plex for the first time.

So, wait until the neutral takes the sec hit.


i personally think this is a nonissue in the shitheap that is FW and your solution is overly commplicated

just make people not take sec hits for initiating combat inside FW plexes and be done with it


Let then shoot first and you wont lose sec status.


No it is a bad idea. You want huge amounts of players lose their main activity in this game. If somebody neutral and he likes it? Lowsec is for everyone and losing ss is just fine.


Also, you can trade some tags for sec status in concord stations.


:frowning: but…

Your right, better advice is set your safety to green in low sec.

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Yeah, sec tags are a good business for newbies. Don’t kill that.

Sec mechanics are perfectly fine in lowsec. Also without neutrals, it would be all farmers and nobody to shoot anymore. Plus, since when does a FW player care about his/her sec status? You live in low, where sec status does not matter.

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Some people just want to complain.


The question isn’t do FW players care about loosing sec status, rather - should they? Neutrals that enter a FW plex - enter at their own risk and a security hit shouldn’t be applied to players who have joined a militia and are conducting operations to increase said Militia’s goals.

EvE is full of non-consensual PvP, why should FW be different? Also nobody forces you to shoot at neutrals. It‘s your own decision.


Simply because it makes sense.

I’m ex military, if we just shot every person that randomly walked onto a military base there would be a bit of a problem there…


Just make it so neutrals are suspect flagged while they’re inside a plex. It makes sense - if a civilian wandered into a military installation, it would raise some eyebrows no?

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Yep, but you don’t get the right to shoot him down on the spot without consequences …


The consequence is that he can return fire without catching a criminal flag.

He can always return fire without catching a suspect or criminal flag, no matter of the aggressor’s flagging.


So we agree on keeping everything like it is. Good. :slight_smile:

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