Flagged Suspect When Going Through A FW Gate And Not Signed Up For FW

I’ve got friends who won’t do Faction Warfare because they’re concerned about their Security Status.

I propose, if a non-faction warfare target activates a FW gate, or warps to a large FW beacon, that the non-faction warfare person become flagged as suspect (“For trespassing”). Which would allow the FW people inside to shoot the suspect first when defending the beacon.

Because, seconds matter, and 9 out of 10 times when the non-FW player comes into that area, they’re coming in there to attack you, and you can’t let them have the first shot.

There should be a little pop-up warning when a person goes to activate the gate or warp to the large FW beacon, telling the person they will be flagged as suspect if they proceed. (Check box to not show again.) And people who have safety on can’t activate the gate (and it can tell them why) nor warp to the large beacon (again, it’ll tell them why).

That way, security status can still be for pirates, and FW people can remain in good standing with their own nations and CONCORD while fighting for their faction.


shoot them first ?

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This has been proposed a multitude of times: to flag any player who doesnt belong to 2 warring factions in the zone as suspect when they warp to any FW beacon. But that makes too much sense so CCP doesnt want to implement it - a neutral or outsider near/at the military object is not suspicious for CCP.

On top of that - awoxing within the same military is not punished hard enough, imo. A flat -2 to faction standings and a kick from FW corp for a month (kick whole corp if they are a part of player FW corp) wouldnt prevent but would deter repeat offenders or force to them to cycle alts. Or something similar.

(Note: by awoxing i mean initial tackle, so the rule can be changed to - activating offensive module against a member of same militia while they dont have pvp timer.)

If you shoot neutral people without them shooting you first you get a security status hit. Deal with it and stop asking for changes in your favor.

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Don’t worry about sec status hits. As long as you’re not podding innocent people your sec status shouldn’t be hit that hard.

Neutrals in faction warfare are not the problem. On the contrary be thankful that there are some players in the faction warfare area that aren’t their to just farm LP, and that won’t run away at the first sign of danger.



This already has been voted in the Faction Warfare discord and accept by 64 votes for vs 2 against. A similar proposition has been voted 33 for vs 2 against.

Finally a vote to disable crimewatch in FW plexes has been accepted 33 vs 3.

Don’t hesitate to join the FW Discord and vote on the issues if you are a FW player or a former FW player.

EDIT : the whole consensus is that removing standing hits for fighting in plexes would increase 1/ high sec players learning pvp/looking for fights in low sec 2/ would help FW newbros who haven’t yet dedicated alts for other gameplay, only their main.

Most vets don’t care about their -10 security status. We have alts for running events in high sec and we are not exploring the game with only our main like in our newbro days. The only bother is RP wise : we can’t access the very empire space we are fighting for.

No, go away.



Also your idea makes no sense from a lore point of view. If I warp into a Gallente FW plex to kill the Caldari player attacking it why should I take a criminal flag? In fact, the Gallente should reward me for the kill and the NPCs in the plex should help me kill the Caldari player.

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No, you should stay on your toes. If anything attacks you, fight back. Never trust neutrals. If you warp out because of some people accidentally/curiously warping over to you, well, maybe you should mine instead?


That avoids the question altogether. The suspect flag is from Concord-- the role play reason could be illegal aggression and interfering in what’s otherwise legal combat between FW players. It’s also not impossible to imagine getting both a suspect flag from Concord just for entering AND a token award from faction (and spammy invite…hehe).

I would be interesting to see a break down of kills in FW space. I wouldn’t be surprised if the was actually more pvp aggression initiated by non-FW players than FW players even behind the gates.

Ok, so you assembled a group of FW plexers and they voted all against the people who disrupt their gameplay? What a surprise! Not that it really matters anyway.

How about you deal with it and stop putting down suggestions that aren’t in your favor?

If people don’t suggest things that are ‘in their favor’ then no one would ever suggest anything on the forums ever.

How about you deal with it and stop putting down suggestions that aren’t in your favor?

If people don’t suggest things that are ‘in their favor’ then no one would ever suggest anything on the forums ever.

Strange, I know in real life they have signs posted outside of places like Area 51 saying you can be shot on site (though to this day, no one ever has been, to my knowledge). If you go onto any military base and you’re not in the military, its trespassing. I don’t see why the factions wouldn’t see it as trespassing going to their military sites… I mean, its war, you’re shooting people for entering there, I don’t see why you should lose security status for shooting some people in there and not others.

As for the Awaxing, that sucks… but, I suspect in most Awaxing cases you do allow the other person to shoot you first.

This would help people judge an awaxer better, as awaxers would have low standing while non-awaxers wouldn’t. I know people security-status grind, and that’s another issue. Perhaps punishing awaxers in FW should be stronger. I just know people who won’t even join FW because they want to keep their security status up.

No one is saying pirates can’t attack FW players.

You know what, we’ve told our friends that, and they still don’t want to take the hit on their security status. And really, I agree that Pirates should have low security status, non-pirates should not. Otherwise security status means nothing at all and should be removed (which is a dumber idea, IMO. Security status is nearly worthless, but shouldn’t be, especially since its something that’s been part of the game since conception. And without security status, High-Sec, Low-Sec, and Null-Sec have no meaning at all.)

You’re telling me to not worry about my security status, how about you go and tell everyone in Eve that want to play FW and aren’t, and don’t read the forums or post on the forums. Go find them, hunt them down, tell them all exactly what you told me.

If there’s anyone who’s worried about their sec status, its safe to say there’s lots of people who aren’t joining FW or left it because of worrying about your security status.

Its funny how all the people who see Eve as one gaint PvP arena, instead of a roleplaying game are the only ones who play this MMO"RPG" anymore. All the people who roleplay are pushed out, so all that’s left are idle-clickers and kill-farmers. If I wanted a shallow game without role-playing, I’d play an FPS or RTS, or MOBA. Eve is about immersion (or used to be) for some people, and emersion for a lot of people. Why do all the trolls want to push out all the role-players when we can have room for both, and having room for both means more players, which means a healthier game.

Actually that’s the opposite : we want more pvp in plexes. Pvpers want to pvp : what a surprise ?

Disabling crime watch/giving suspect timer in plexes is both

  • a way to give more time to our newbros to train high sec alts before being locked out of high sec.
  • increase pvp in plexes since more people could pvp to dip their toes into low-sec before taking the dive into permanent low sec.

If we wanted the carebear option, we would vote for a gate forbidding pirates to enter plexes. We wouldn’t vote for something making pvp more attractive.

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Disabling crimewatch might be. But is that even technically possible?

Needless, if the non-FW attacks you then you don’t lose sec status.

If he doesn’t then ignore him.

No one gives a fk about that self important band of win traders from the two weakest factions.

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Sure, then by that standard everyone entering an enemy FW plex should also be flagged by CONCORD. Caldari player flying into a Gallente plex? Enjoy your 15 minute suspect timer for trespassing.

This is one of the best solo pvpers amarr ever had.

He never fired the first shoot on neutrals comming in to his plex.

Who fires the first shoot is irrelevant, the last shoot is what counts.

And when your in a frigate vs frigate situation (or really any close pair) letting the non-FW person attack you first often means losing.