Why Neut's are destroying faction warfare!?

No, we don’t, but nice try.


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Yep, the consequence of the militia pilot aggressing a suspect flagged neutral in a plex with my proposed change is that the neutral can return fire without getting a flag that would persist once they leave the plex. Pretty easy to understand, if you’re not playing dumb to fulfill an agenda. :wink:

Don’t really see any reason why something needs to change here.

Lowsec should be lowsec first, and the silly factionwar minigame second.

Contorting the rest of the game to accommodate the silly minigame seems unnecessary.

There are in fact two types of LowSec - Factional Warfare LowSec and neutral LowSec.

Adding a simple flagging mechanic to a very small area of half of LowSec is not a contortion.

Done FW for years never had an issue with neuts at all.

only people who have ever had an issue with them are farmers.


Clear out a few combat sites after a night of pvp.

If you kill a neut inside a plex
your sec status should go UP

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So your saying someone with a suspect flag can engage without getting a suspect flag…but they already had a suspect flag?

Even if you meant to say milita can return fire, this doesn’t make sense, as suspects and criminals can be engaged freely without consequences.

Anyone not involved in the war entering a plex should get an immediate suspect status, so that anyone shooting at them will not get a security hit.

FW Occupied lowsec should be under martial law and therefore player owned structures might either have to be verboten completely or follow the martial law with regards who can dock.

The problem is this. I’m in a plex in a brawler. A neut jumps in in a kiter. If I aggress him first, I get a security hit. If I don’t, I give him a decisive advantage.

All i can say here is thats low sec.

Depends on the base and the ROE.

i was a submariner on SSBNS
if they posed an imminent threat to life or the Weapon system you were lawfully permitted to shoot them

you have D-scan and local to help you asses a fight before it happens & your aggressor would need to take a gate to get to you (not in a large) you have plenty of time to decide on what your actions are

… and so what? Why are people in lowsec so obsessed about their sec status. :thinking:

IDK, there’s people in lowsec obsessed with being -10. Other people don’t like being trapped in a certain area of space.

You are not trapped, if you want to go back to highsec, just buy tags or run a few FW missions. You know we “neutrals” do this all the time.

That’s one option. The other option is not to engage in illegal activity. Just because you live in southern Chicago doesn’t mean you gotta be a thug. :stuck_out_tongue:

Quit takeing shots at Chicago.

The difference is you Neutrals can dock at NPC stations in ANY system no matter who controls the system.

Here is a fun one for you. As a Minmatar Militia member if my sec status drops below -3 I can no longer GET to a CONCORD station because the next closest one I can dock at, that is not controlled by an enemy faction Amarr, is in Amattar space, 9 jumps away, 7 of which are through highsec of those 5 are .8 or better sec status.

But as a neutral you dont have to worry about that. Because you are immune to all of the issues WE have to go through as a faction warfare pilot.

So as a counter point, I think if you are NOT in faction warfare and you are in a faction warfare low sec system you should not be allowed to dock at ANY NPC stations no matter what side owns the system. Now you get to experience what we deal with on a daily.

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