Watch list carries over

I fly logi a lot and I would save a lot of time + clicks if the watch list remembered who was on it last fleet, and adds them again automatically if

  1. They were on watch list the previous fleet I was in
  2. They are currently in this fleet
  3. There are empty spaces on watch list
  4. I have not manually removed them

I suspect I’m not the only logibro who has to keep adding the same 5-10 people onto watch list every single fleet, and this would save us a bit of time.

You probably are actually. I fly logi often, and it is VERY rare that I’m re-adding the same people as last fleet.

Not to say that I don’t frequently add the same people, but it’s quite often a different list between sequential fleets.

As long as this can be done locally on the client I see no problem.

If the data has to keep being resent as part of that limited data the devs always use as an excuse then no.

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