Fleet API

I was just thinking how nice it would be to be able to track Fleet Statistics, which would mean individual fleets would need an identifier and API/ESI whatever it is these days.

We would be able to track the statistics of particular fleets with a fleet identifier the same as looking up a corp or alliance on zkill for instance.

Obviously with tweaks to privacy, this could even lead to having the option to view a fleet from a kill, although I am not recommending that, but the fleet composition (if public) would show logistics, support.

There would clearly need to be options to turn off tracking for fleet members such as Spies/Scouts, but I think overall the idea could work.

You would have to take out the exact same fleet each time, for this reason i dont see this as a useful use of DEV time.

Nope, the idea is each fleet would just get a new identifier. So once a fleet is shut down and a new one created, it’s a different fleet when it comes to API/ESI.

For massive battles it would be nice to be able to split battle reports up into fleets too. To see which fleet did what.

Do you think this would lead to increased server load because in large fleets that is definitely something to avoid?

I would hope and assume not. There should be no processing done by the game at all besides just adding an identifier to a fleet when it’s created. Then Zkillboard would just have that additional item to pull info from.

Everything would remain as normal, but the idea is where you can check the Corps/Pilots/Alliances etc in Zkillboard, you would have an additional option to click a fleet.

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