Add corp members to watch list

When you are in an alliance fleet, it would be very convenient to have a button like: " add corp members to watch list ".

Why just corp members?

Or why can’t your corp members go into a single squad and ‘add squad to watchlist’?

I would like to have members automatically join the wl via saved fleet setups. I keep joining the same fleet and have to laboriously add the same people to the wl every time. That should be easier and require fewer clicks.

Having a button that adds your 15 corporation friends to the watch list quickly, rather than adding them one by one each time would be a very convenient thing. Especially if you are in a large fleet where you are not administrators or where there is only one team.

So why can’t all your corp join a single squad?

There is already a button for ‘add squad to watchlist’. So all your corp buddies just need to move into a single squad.

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Is it that hard to add people to watch list?

I usually put one guy to my watch list to make the list visible, and then select-drag the fleet window/local window into my watch list to fill it. 4 clicks total.

It gets a bit more complicated when in a bigger fleet and I need to select certain priority people (fcs, links, fellow logi) to be on the watchlist first, but for small fleets with less than 17 people it really is easy to fill the entire watchlist with only a couple clicks.

I used to ask this every time I went out in a fleet. It seems for some it really is.

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