DEAF: I wish i could see my buddies damage after they warp off

Anyone have this problem? I was camping a gate, however when a dude warped off, I no longer saw his damage and then two other dudes blew up his ship. Is there any way to make the, ‘watch list’ stay so I can see the damages on his tactical destroyer ?

What about a certain proximity or km, so we can see damages? I am curious what CSM would think of this simple fix that would make things really fun for Deaf and HoH Community in Eve Online.


I can ask if there’s a way to make the watch list persistent, even if you’re not on grid, but part of the reason I’ve always liked it to not show off-grid ships is it lets me know if they’re gone when I’m not looking specifically at them.


If I’m looking at a Hecate ( Tactical Destroyer ) and like sitting on g8 with the dude ( and he’s camping with me in my gang and I’m leader and boss ) sitting in silence helps when I’m staring at that 1 Hecate whole time to bee able to warp to that Hecate as soon as he takes damage >< now it’s my fault he takes dmg and loses his Hecate to 2 dudes that came thru g8. It’s still my fault 2 dudes jumped into eoa system from akkio g8 and I couldn’t help him cuz my buddy ran to a g8 250,000 km away with those 2 dudes and I’m still sitting on Akkio g8 looking around for dmg and now I can’t repair such said Hecate.:sweat_smile:

You guys don’t talk in chat?

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We do that was his alt I was flying with he is a cool guy 07’ toon and funny and ya and like it all happened so fast :open_mouth:

Like the dudes came through and I don’t think he had time to type between that and whatever they were doing cuz there was a bubble but like the two dudes coming in got out of eoa g8 bubble then my buddy in Hecate was already out of bubble and followed them and then I was still sitting 150km or so from akkio g8 in eoa literally on auto align to where I thought he might go :joy:

It all just happened in milliseconds and then he was dunked on another g8 by the same two dudes he left the akkio g8 bubble for like I could have saved him Brisc :pensive:

edit: I mean the bubble was in EOA on Akkio g8 sorry for confusion. EOA is null and akkio low sec.

I don’t feel like the watch list needs this buff but I’m not opposed to it.

A toggle to let it keep acting as it does now is a must however for the reason you just listed and it helps check who is missing. When doing logistics I often have the fc asking me if anyone is missing and the wl is how I check.

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Me neither. Ya, it is useful for checking for missing people as well. I agree.

Small bump _____

Thanks Brisc. Also, not just in my Exequror, but I want to permanently change PVP in the landscape of EVE for all of us.