Mining lasers not seen from another's viewpoint

I’ve currently got an Orca out Ice Mining with 5 Skiffs. If I view from one skiff towards the rest of the fleet, only my lasers are visible. If I skip to another alt, it’s lasers are viewable but mine are not. Etc.

Has this been a bug for a while as I hadn’t noticed it before.



i think it’s a visual glitch/bug. I’ve had a similar experience when i change strip miners from the fitting bay on the orca, or when i change mining ships; the barge pilot has no visual issue, but the orca pilot cannot see the mining lasers.

Refit exhumers in npc station, it’s bugged since 10 years or more …
Dont use orca refit next time.

Fly safe

CCP please fix that glitch/bug.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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