Miner, Virus CO needs you!

Virus CO is fastest growing industry corporation in Lonetrek region.

If you are looking for daily mining fleets and buyback on spot you are on right place.

We are looking for miners in EU time zones to fill our mining division.

Benefits we provide for you:

  1. Orca Boosts (30-40%)
  2. FREE Hauling
  3. Daily Buyback
  4. Jita Buy Prices
  5. FREE T1 ships
  6. 50% off on T2 ships and barges
  7. 25% off on T3 ships and exhumers, orcas, etc.
  8. Security
  9. High level of organisation

If any of this interests you or you have any questions, feel free to contact our mining director James Brookes or join our in game channel VRS Recruitment.

No ship left behind.

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what about USA Eastern TZ?


thanks for reaching back. We have some players in that time zone, also orca support in that time zone. Feel free to send me mail in game.


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Thanks for the good convo in-game Anatristan. See ya soon.

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Miner, we still need you!

Join us on Discord for a little chat !

Still looking for new pilots!

Miner, we still need You!

Virus is still recruiting, join us!

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