VIRUS CO now recruiting

Miner, VIRUS CO Needs You!

Who are we?

We are a null sec industry focused English-speaking corporation part of the alliance French Connexion (FXR), based in Fountain, which operates in EU/US time zones. We are the ones who build their machines of war at the forefront of the battle, not to say that we don’t get involved with these conflicts ourselves…

What do we offer?

We offer many things to our members, some of which mentioned here:

  • Centralised Industry, every member works together
  • DAILY buyback for ore and salvage
  • Multiple PVP fleets with the rest of the alliance every week
  • High level of organisation with an active community of players
  • Security in dangerous Null sec territory
  • FREE rental T2 mining barges for those who cannot afford
  • Access to fruitful space with all the necessary tools for the industrial process
  • Daily PVP roams with the alliance
  • Ships sold over contracts for Jita price
  • Ship replacement on alliance fleets

How do I sign up?

If you are interested, feel free to join our discord server and leave a message in the recruitment channel, we accept both veterans and new capsuleers. Alternatively, you can send a message to either of our in-game recruiters mentioned below. Note- you must have Discord and TeamSpeak

Discord link:

In-game Recruiters:

alanter (Me)


No ship left Behind


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