Mineral/Blueprint cross reference?

Sorry if there is a topic pertaining to this already, but;

Is there a website where you can plug in minerals and then be shown every blueprint that meets the criteria?

Example: The first three minerals available to my new Minmatar are tritanium, pyrite and mexallon. Is there anywhere I can go, enter those three minerals and then be given a list of every blueprint containing only those minerals that I selected?

Any help would be appreciated.

@Steve_Ronuken can probably help you with this one.

No site I’m aware of, I’m afraid.

I mean, its doable, but I suspect writing an interface for it would be a total pita.

And I’m guessing the example is just that. So answering that question alone is of limited use.

There is one site I know about where you can search for blueprints using 1 mineral on it own, but I do not know of a site that does all 3 at the same time.


Click on a mineral and it will show you a page with a link to see all the blueprints that use it.

Unfortunately it shows blueprints that need other materials too. It does not restrict the list to show blueprints that use only the selected materials, sorry. But I am hoping some of the info there might be useful to you.

I do not know how well updated that site is - compared to the current Eve game database. (The few bits of info I checked looked correct)




I hope it helps a bit. Lots of info to look through though! I wish you good luck and happy manufacturing. :slight_smile:

Here is a list of all blueprints that can be built if you have a Tritanium, Pyerite and Mexallon:

They don’t require any other materials.

1MN Civilian Afterburner Blueprint
Amarr Shuttle Blueprint
Ammatar Navy Large EMP Smartbomb Blueprint
Ammatar Navy Medium EMP Smartbomb Blueprint
Ammatar Navy Multispectrum Coating Blueprint
Basic Robotics Blueprint
Caldari Navy EM Shield Amplifier Blueprint
Caldari Navy Explosive Shield Amplifier Blueprint
Caldari Navy Kinetic Shield Amplifier Blueprint
Caldari Navy Large Graviton Smartbomb Blueprint
Caldari Navy Medium Graviton Smartbomb Blueprint
Caldari Navy Rocket Launcher Blueprint
Caldari Navy Stasis Webifier Blueprint
Caldari Navy Thermal Shield Amplifier Blueprint
Caldari Shuttle Blueprint
Cap Booster 25 Blueprint
Civilian Armor Repairer Blueprint
Civilian Damage Control Blueprint
Civilian EM Shield Hardener Blueprint
Civilian Expanded Cargohold Blueprint
Civilian Explosive Shield Hardener Blueprint
Civilian Kinetic Shield Hardener Blueprint
Civilian Shield Booster Blueprint
Civilian Stasis Webifier Blueprint
Civilian Thermal Shield Hardener Blueprint
Council Diplomatic Shuttle Blueprint
Defender Missile I Blueprint
EMP M Blueprint
Enormous Freight Container Blueprint
Federation Navy Large Plasma Smartbomb Blueprint
Federation Navy Magnetic Field Stabilizer Blueprint
Federation Navy Medium Plasma Smartbomb Blueprint
Federation Navy Multispectrum Coating Blueprint
Federation Navy Stasis Webifier Blueprint
Fusion L Blueprint
Fusion M Blueprint
Fusion XL Blueprint
Gallente Shuttle Blueprint
Giant Freight Container Blueprint
Gnosis Blueprint
Huge Freight Container Blueprint
Imperial Navy Large EMP Smartbomb Blueprint
Imperial Navy Medium EMP Smartbomb Blueprint
Imperial Navy Multispectrum Coating Blueprint
Inferno Auto-Targeting Light Missile I Blueprint
InterBus Shuttle Blueprint
Iron Charge S Blueprint
Khanid Navy Large EMP Smartbomb Blueprint
Khanid Navy Medium EMP Smartbomb Blueprint
Khanid Navy Multispectrum Coating Blueprint
Khanid Navy Rocket Launcher Blueprint
Khanid Navy Stasis Webifier Blueprint
Large Freight Container Blueprint
Large Standard Container Blueprint
Lead Charge L Blueprint
Lead Charge XL Blueprint
Leopard Blueprint
Medium Freight Container Blueprint
Medium Standard Container Blueprint
Minmatar Shuttle Blueprint
Mjolnir Auto-Targeting Light Missile I Blueprint
Nova Auto-Targeting Light Missile I Blueprint
Praxis Blueprint
Proton L Blueprint
Proton M Blueprint
Proton XL Blueprint
Republic Fleet EM Shield Amplifier Blueprint
Republic Fleet Explosive Shield Amplifier Blueprint
Republic Fleet Kinetic Shield Amplifier Blueprint
Republic Fleet Large Proton Smartbomb Blueprint
Republic Fleet Medium Proton Smartbomb Blueprint
Republic Fleet Multispectrum Coating Blueprint
Republic Fleet Rocket Launcher Blueprint
Republic Fleet Thermal Shield Amplifier Blueprint
Scourge Auto-Targeting Light Missile I Blueprint
Small Ancillary Shield Booster Blueprint
Small Freight Container Blueprint
Small Standard Container Blueprint
Station Container Blueprint
Station Vault Container Blueprint
Station Warehouse Container Blueprint
Sunesis Blueprint
Tungsten Charge M Blueprint
Tungsten Charge S Blueprint
Uranium Charge L Blueprint
Uranium Charge M Blueprint
Uranium Charge S Blueprint
Uranium Charge XL Blueprint

Note: This is taken from the static database download.

I should also mention that for example the Gnosis, Praxis and Sunesis, require only 1 Trit because their blueprints are not normally available. The ships are given pre-built to players

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Wow, how were you able to get all that info? And what is the static database download? It that some player accessable database or something?

I not an expert on database, so please excuse any gaps in my explanation.

It is basically all the game data that does not change - remains static. For example ship attributes, system names, planet coordinates, etc.

CCP makes it available for download, so that people can use it for the websites and 3rd party software/tools.

You can find a copy of the databases here - someone even converted some of the files to csv which makes it easier:


You can find descriptions and some more info here:


It does require some work to use the data, because you have to link data from different files for some of it to make sense.

For example, the materials required for each blueprint is in the file called:

But it uses TypeID’s (numbers) to identify each item. So you have to look at the file called:

The 2nd one gives you the names for each ID, and also has a “Published” attribute (yes/no) that tells you whether the item is ingame, or not.

The 2nd one is also used to find the ID’s for Trit, Pyer, and Mex. Because the 1st table lists the materials using their ID’s, not their names.

Hehe, so as you can see it requires some work. :slight_smile:

Also, I should mention this important point: Even if an item has Published=yes it only means it is a valid ingame object. But it does not always mean you can actually get it from the market/contracts/loot. This is where there is some more ingame work that you will have to do to see what can be obtained, and what can’t.

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So the information to make a minerals/blueprint database is there, it would just require someone with the technical know-how to make it (which definitely isn’t me).

Oh well.

Hopefully someone will be motivated enough to do it one day.

When I looked around I was quite surprised someone had not done it yet. (Or maybe it is just well hidden)

It is actually very useful info because it tells what they can build from mining high sec ore, which is the starting point for new players and many of the new industrialists.

As I said before I hope it will be useful and that you will enjoy the industry and crafting side of Eve.

A tip I can give you: If you split the list into categories it will become a lot easier to use. (for example, Ammo, Ships, Other, Civilian, Navy) :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Yes, I am surprised as well. And that was my initial thought.

“What can I make with these beginning minerals?”

Thought for sure there was a website out there somewhere, (since there seems to be one for everything else).

Everything T1 in the game uses minerals unless it is a reaction or a rig.

Uh yeah, we’ve already established that.

I’m not sure why you would want this unless maybe you wanted to build excess materials you can’t ship or something? Almost everything in game has value on the market. So if you have too much of one material, you sell it to buy the material you don’t have enough of. Sure you can collect/mine all the minerals you need if you want but it’s not the most efficient use of your time.

I built IPH to help with that if you are interested. http://eveiph.github.io/

Yeah this is something I have to pound into some players heads.

That harvesting the most valuable resource will get you more of everything you need in the end as opposed to harvesting everything you need individually.

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