BPs that use every mineral?

Weird question but are there any blueprints that use at least one of every mineral? I saw there were 8 types of minerals but when I thought of the question I couldn’t find any after looking for a while on different websites.

Just asking out of curiosity as I expected the higher end stuff to commonly require everything but it seems they just end up requiring other items.

While I’m sure there’s more, I found one and that’s enough for me.

For anyone interested: Enforcer Blueprint - EVE Online Reference

This may not be what you are looking for, but most T2 blueprints meet your criteria because they require the T1 item plus morphite, and if the T1 item requires every mineral except morphite, well then there you go.

Pretty much every battleship uses all 8 minerals, i believe.

Those other items are usually much more sought after and harder to obtain.