Miners with teeth, looking for more industrialists!

Hello all,
Daer-El Corporation are looking for players [US and EU Timezones] interested in operating in the end to end mining-production-marketplace skillset. The corporation is engaged in building and selling capital ships. We engage in a full end-to-end process from mining to manufacture to sales. However we understand that variety is the spice of life, so we get involved in lots of EVE activities including wormhole operations, PVE missions, PVP occasionally and so on. We are based in Halle and Junsoraert.

Players of all levels are welcome, including absolute beginners. We can offer you lots of guidance if you are new to the game and you will find us to be a friendly bunch! See our website for more. Reach out to me in game any time - about anything. I’d be happy to chat with you…


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