Recruiting a serious Miner/Industrialist

If there is a guy out there that is serious about mining, I would like you to join me and I will buy all of the ore you mine in our wormholes. Our community is good to be a part of. We are friendly and do a lot of PvE and PvP fleets.

Start a conversation with ‘The Darkmessiah Draco’ in game or join the D.0 Recruitement channel in game

Have you found a miner yet? I’m currently un-subbed but have a mining trio that can fly well equipped barges up to Hulks/Mac’s (one pilot has skills for mining command ships). Would consider re-subbing for a good group of folks to play with.

Hey bud. I havent found one yet

Euria. The group I play are really a nice group. Out of my years in Eve, this corp is the best one and i havent changed it again. You can message me in game under ‘The Darkmessiah Draco’

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