Mini Dooms days

to start off with dooms day may not be the best name but it seemed to be the easiest to get the point across

basically powerful weapons fired in a straight line from the front of BBs.

they should not be loudly projected like actual DD as they will only be able to shoot straight from the ship and thus you will already know to avoid that area

the important goals with these would be a few things

give BBs a use outside of there currently very narrow niche
be useful in small gangs as well as larger fleets
be useful against capitals.
and further discourage simply anchoring.

my initial idea is for each race to have a unique variant that are each useful but in different ways


stream of micro drones that will attach themselves to any ship that passes through it drones have a very short life and damage begins to diminish over time. longer a ship is in the cloud the more drones attach.

possible warp scrabble effect while dot is applied.

Essentially a DOT. easy to hit groups of small fast ships with at least some of the drones and can apple more damage to large or slow ships. it would have the lowest alpha of any but be the most effective against smaller ships.


high explosive warhead fired from a rail gun detonates on impact with target

basically a fast traveling bomb that detonates when it hits a target creates a large falloff AOE dealing far more damage to ships closer to the one initially hit. would either do Omni damage or have damage selectable charges not sure what would be better.

possible ECM burst effect


high energy beam hits a target then uses the targets capacitor to chain to the next closest target and anything the target is sending capacitor too.

would hit the first target with a flat damage then drain a percent of its reaming capacitor and leap to the next target within range doing the same thing based on the gj amount taken from the last target.

possible it may leap to the next target AND to a target it is sending capacitor too dealing additional damage based on the amount of cap being sent.

would have the highest damage range and if the cap transfer effect added be the most threatening to logistics should it be able to hit one in a cap chain.


high alpha artillery shell.

would have the highest alpha of any of them with a very small AOE around the initial target it would be the strongest against a single target but very weak against small fast targets. could have selectable damage based on projectile shell spreads or simply do Omni damage doing high in explosive and diminishing down to a lower concentration of EM i’m not sure what option would be better.

possible signature boosting effect on the hit target and any targets in the AOE


i like it :+1:

Can’t help but worry what happens when you get a few hundred of these shooting eachother.

how do you mean?

they should not be something you can rapid fire in the first place and depending on how it was implemented there should not be much of a problem

i mean the servers survived when we found out bombs were not doing damage to each other and groups began to fire off hundreds of those at once.

Area of a effects and hit checks causing lag spikes etc.

They happen already with bombs, DD’s, boosts and drones. It’s an obvious concern everytime we try to add more.


aye, not disregarding it as a concern that is valid. who knows it may be the reason we haven’t heard any further from CCP since fozzie brought up the idea.

though imagining how those fleets would be flown is interesting. as fleets try to align to hit an at the same time avoid being hit

Maybe give these weapons to DDs as that would bring them to the IRL equivalent of DDs with torpedoes.


What is a BB?


No way. That would be BS. Im guessing he means black birds. If he does then yes I am on bored.

that’s bull ■■■■ BB is the standard designation given to battleships

Could these be used in PvE?

i don’t see why not but i would avoid it in HS with the untargeted and AOE effects. not to mention they would need to have a significant cool down to be balanced in PvP

Would be awesome to alpha all those stupid mobile tractors littering Jita.


So its a no for black birds then?

lol aye

that is a no for the black birds

It’s battleship.


Would be nice if CCP would begin to redesignate in game ships with IRL ship designations and classes to open up a simpler tech tree and open up more classes of ships and game play dynamic.

It’s a us navy designation. I don’t know how universal they are.

And coming up with classes first and then figuring out how they fit in the game is the wrong way round to do things.

Figure out what the ship does first, then designate it.

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