Make Battleships Great Again


-Too many damn capital ships, threat of hotdrop is always present
-Capital ships should be used for large scale engagements, not wiping away a cruiser or two.
-Battleships cant roam, they will always get hotdropped into oblivion.
-Make T2 battleships that can a) be mobile cyno inhibs (with appropriate debuffs) or b) have the ability to fight off a carrier/dread with enough backup (like 3 of these doomsday T2 battleships can take on 1 carrier/dread)
-Alternatively, make lighting cynos harder by increasing cargo space required for fuel to 1000+ m3. Nereus is perfect example.
-Or something else. You get the idea.

With the game getting older and older, and with ships and items getting cheaper and cheaper, the proliferation of carriers and dreads is astronomical. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, but it has certainly put a damper on small gang fleets, and totally killed off any concept of roaming in Battleships. You get spotted in a battleship, or a 10> man battleship fleet, you are going to get dropped, no questions asked. The moment you escalate, some larger alliance drops 30 super carriers and then boom, no fun for anyone. I understand that having that threat loom over you is part of the game, that you could get dropped the moment you head out. But its seriously stopping some fun content from happening. There are only 2 things really that battleships are useful for, with some rare exceptions: Assaults, either attacking or defending (like citadel bashes) but even these are 100+ man machariel gangs, and L4 missions. I would never, in a million years, bring out my mains marauder for PVP. Never. the moment its spotted on field, 4 carriers and 7 dreads are hotdropped right on top of you. This pretty much goes for any solo battleship roaming or small gang roaming. You are gonna get dropped, you arent going to kill anything, and you are going to get welped hard.

It would be awesome if there was a more immediate counter to capital hotdrops, cyno inhibs take far too long to be used on roams. This could be T2 tier 3 battleships (abaddon, hyperion, maelstrom, rokh) that either have some form of super weapon (obviously cant one shot any capital) that is heavily limited by tracking to encourage use solely on capitals, with the same debuffs that titans get when they doomsday. Or T2 tier 3 battleships that can light an immediate cyno inhib that works immediately, for, lets say 1 min? Just some ideas for new ships really.

There could also be some rework to how cynos are lit. The fuel to light a cyno could be increased so that you would need a ship with a LARGE cargo hold (like 1000m3 or more) to be able to light a cyno. So you would need some form of industrial or a Battleship with cargo expanders. Note: this is for regular cynos, not black ops. Black ops is perfect as is. Nereus screams at me for this, their tank is ridiculous and would be perfect for this. If you intend to drop a cyno, you’re going to need a fleet to protect you or enough tank to survive the punishment. To be honest i think frigates, with their extremely high chance of escape shouldnt be even close to lighting a cyno, defeats the whole idea of protecting your space. You know that an enemy is around? need to protect your home? set up a fleet around your entry gate, so you can stop them from gaining access to your system JUST KIDDING ITS A CEPTOR and cyno is lit and there are now 40 capitals running amok in your home system. Nah, its dumb. I guess you could implement sized cynos, so like a small cyno on a frig can only get 1 capital through per cycle (reduced cycles too) cruisers could do medium cynos, which could get 3 through, and large cynos could be fit on battleships and there wouldnt be a limit to how many could get through.

In my opinion, capital ships should be used for sieges, on both sides, or just generally for fighting other capitals. I know that carriers can be very effective against sub caps, and dreads with high angle weapons are similarily effective, but again, i believe these should be geared towards countering an enemy sub cap siege fleet that are always present when structures or other large fights are happening. Not for throwing them around willy nilly.

If any of these, or any other changes in regards of limiting capital deployment, are implemented, i feel like there will be a resurgence in small gang roams, who arent limiting themselves to cruisers, and on the rare chance, battlecruisers. roaming in battleship gangs would be SOOO much fun, but it never happens because no matter what, you are going to get dropped. I would also seriously consider roaming with marauders. Also, with alpha pilots being able to field battleships, it would be the perfect way to keep them playing the game.


Brings a fleet of Scorpions/Rattlers and now no one can shoot or target anything…LOL


I don’t think another superweapon is required. It might be some sort of Siege/Triage mod jammer for limited period of time but not another miniDD.

They just need faster warp speed like they had years ago before ccp stupidly nerfed them.

And more cargo space. The lack of cargo space is idiotic.

Ccp can literally fix the cargo numbers in a single day/patch.

They are getting pathetic with their "development "


Well at least I agree that a mobile cyno-inhibitor T2 battleship would be a damn good idea.


If you increased the cargo hold on battleships, you’d see nothing in high sec belts except alphas mining in tanked Rohk’s and Abaddon’s…

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Do you remember the reason of those nerfs?

CCP should give the battleships a dedicated 400m3 ammo bay. Cap boosters for amarr, ammos for the other, paste for everybody.
Faction BS should have 500, pirate 200.

Also give them 4 warp core str. just to avoid getting shred by one single scram garmur.
give T2 and faction BS 6.

Also, make them have a better sensor str AND make sensor str reduce the duration of the jams when they land. something like 50% duration if sensor str=jam str, 90% if sensor str=jam str /2, 10% if sensor str = jam str *2.


I absolutely agree with that. Not necessarily the details but as you said, those are just ideas. I agree with the general statement about battleships.

I also very much agree with your statement about caps and what I personally refer to as “cap spam”. It got so bad I basically left null sec altogether, only go once in a great while when I come out of a WH while on prolonged explo or rare occasion when some ex mates from few years back log on and we feel like getting together. Other then that I basically live in HS now, just come out to LS and WHs once in a while and am not looking back.

Funny thing is CCP seems to be hellbent to herd people into NS, but seems to do everything in their power to then give us reasons to not be there. And cap spam is definetly near the top of those reasons, for many folks, it is the top reason.

Battleships should absolutely be able to take out a cap, much like you can take out a battleship with 3-5 frigs, or 2-3 cruisers (fits. hulls and player age thus skills pending), 2-3 battleships should be take on a dread easily, 5 battleships a carrier, also with relative ease. This is currently not the case. Where’s the balance ?


Personally I just feel that Battleships should in fact be Battleships in other words their tank should be increased and I am looking at the T1 ships in particular.

I just jumped into a Tempest, fun ship with MWD, MJD, web scram cap boosters, a plate and two armour rigs passive tank, twin neuts, a great ship to have fun with and yet the tank is 92,601 EHP That should be at least 160k EHP. And that is the issue pure and simple…

[Tempest, Kick Ass]
Gyrostabilizer II
Gyrostabilizer II
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
1600mm Steel Plates II
Damage Control II

500MN Quad LiF Restrained Microwarpdrive
Large Micro Jump Drive
Stasis Webifier II
Faint Epsilon Scoped Warp Scrambler
Heavy Capacitor Booster II

800mm Repeating Cannon II
800mm Repeating Cannon II
800mm Repeating Cannon II
800mm Repeating Cannon II
800mm Repeating Cannon II
800mm Repeating Cannon II
Heavy Gremlin Compact Energy Neutralizer
Medium Gremlin Compact Energy Neutralizer

Large Trimark Armor Pump I
Large Trimark Armor Pump I
Large Projectile Burst Aerator II

Hobgoblin II x1
Hammerhead II x2
Ogre II x2

Cap Booster 800 x15
Hail L x6424
Barrage L x5496

I noticed PL and NCDOT players pushing no asset security being the plonkers that they are on Reddit, if you think it is bad now in terms of dropping carriers think about it with no asset security if CCP ever goes down that route, because all but doctrine and caps will be moved to secure station so when a roaming gang comes in all that will be dropped on them will be caps. But of course PL / NCDOT will be happy!!!

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I really, really dont like cyno mechanics, but thats another topic.

As to Battleships, I dont think roaming BS fleets will ever again be a thing.

Power creep in terms of cap proliferation is too established.

How about BS fleets in LS/Faction warfare?

I agree BS could perhaps use a EHP buff.

I really wish the Nestor could warp while cloaked and and black ops either could cloak while warping or the player not show up in local while piloting one.

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If you are piloting a BS and a lone garmur is a threat, you’ve got less than no business piloting a BS.


Can you make a real point and stop this aggressive childish stance already ?


Yea, battleships could use some buffs, but i doubt we will get them anytime soon. CCP is very slow with rebalancing, i.e. it took them 2 years to nerf the overpowered Svipul.

The only thing that we can hope for is that batteships get a higher priority because they can now be flown by Alphas and CCP seems to care a lot about Alphas.

CCPlease buff battleships! Think of the poor Alphas!


Some of the BS’s can be pretty anemic dps wise. Not all BS’s need a buff, but some do.

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I made a suggestion that the blops battleships inflict a localized cyno inhib effect when they jump or bridge. Would be an excellent way for blops to counter capitals (they have jump drives, which means they’re well-suited to counter-drop).

That said, carriers are 100% intended to be anti-subcap ships. They do still need to have a certain critical mass and they SHOULD need subcap support (something else that I think the blops battleships should be groomed toward, even if it means separating blops battleships into force and combat variants like recons) as again they have jumpdrives.

At the end of the day, if they’ve chosen to escalate to 40 capital ships, you need to counter-drop with capitals of your own. If it’s your space, you really shouldn’t have a problem doing that. Dreadbomb the bastards, or dock up if you can’t. They’ve chosen to field a great deal of firepower, isk, and risk. You can match it or you can admit they’ve got more firepower on grid.

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Battleship is the hisec powerhouse. The dread is the null/low powerhouse. Very easy. Wanna fly battleships come to hisec :slight_smile:

Battleships and lvl4 missions a match made in heaven.

Dread roams… god damn would that ever be funny to see on an intel channel. Imagine going gate to gate in hyperspatial dreads. So much lulz. After you kill yourself for being so slow.