Mining and Indy corp

(Ebon Hawk Enterprise) #1

Looking for an active corp that does mining (ice and others) and indy stuff. I am able to do POS fuel blocks and such. Fly orca and T2 strip miners. Can do some PVP and have 1 main character along with 2 “newbie” toons im building up. Any pointing in the right direction would be helpful. Fly safe

(Giddy McFee) #2

You’re better of posting this in the recruitment thread.

(safira jomita) #3

Greetings we are a high sec social corp, we mainly mine ice and ores, do missions. Relaxed , rl first , US , South America time zones

(Comodo Leader) #4

I came back to Eve after several years away, and joined up with a great group in Placid; plenty of industrial activities, PvP, etc.

(Claina) #5


You seem the right dude for our corp. This is kinda what we do here, maybe take a look and join us.

(Ebon Hawk Enterprise) #6

whats the name of the corp channel?

(safira jomita) #7

Naabal help center. We have also