Mining Barge, Explorer Alt for sale, 37.5 Mill SP

  1. In an NPC Corp
  2. 37.5 Mill SP
  3. No Kill rights
  4. Pos Wallet
  5. Char Located in HS at HEK
  6. 3 Remaps avail + 2 JC’s
  7. 169 Skins

Mining, Explorer Alt, Good Support skills, Missiles, Drones, Armor etc
Can fly up to Minmatar BS, Heavy Ass Cruisers, Astero and all barges.

Reasonable offers only please, able to wait for one if required

@anin_sidejob please re-check your SkillQ link share settings, with an incognito browser. If this is not resolved in the next 24 hours, this thread will be locked.

Sort of unsure what you mean here…perhaps a better description will enable me to rectify this asap…Cheers

Anin Sidejob

Your skillboard link is not viewable by others. You have to create a sharelink in the SkillQ Settings.

25 B offer

Waiting for a kind rescuer…up

looking for just a little bit more, let me know

Interested but skillqueue isn’t visible - the link to your character skills isn’t working for other people.

I’ll check it out

I’ll do 26 B. We can trade now if you want.
But your SkillQ is not viewable

I have set the skill q to ‘Share’ apart from that I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, perhaps you could have a look at it…apologies for all this

27 B offer


Char back on sale after issues with SkillQ rectified

Are you still interested?

isk and ACC info sent

Monies received , Character transferred to name given in mail, allow 10 hours to complete… thanks for the business
Anin Sidejob

Please close char sold