Mining Drones

I have noticed since the new patch, that mining drones no longer show the amount mined when recalled and only show the amount mined when they are within 2.5km of the ship.

Will this be changed to how it was or will it remain this why?

While I am on a mining drone Q/A.

Why do the ice mining drones use 50 Mbit/sec?

I would really like to be able to use two of them while I boosting my friends!

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Uhm… okay?

Damn, it says “1d” above. I need to learn to look at the time since the last post…

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With 2 ice mining drones on your orca you could outmine a boosted exhumer. A lot of people are already switching to the new king of highsec afk mining. Your proposel would make exhumers obsolete.

I don’t know the cycle time Ice harvesting drones II from any Orca. What is the cycle time?
I know that my fleet friends in Hulks with my bad boosts are down to 36 seconds cycle time.

that’s rich, I don’t see 2 drones out mining my full hulk load of under 4 mins unboosted

A orca can only fly 4 ice drones at a time???

Nope. Only one.

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Ash meant the cycle of his strip miners. The best ice drone cycle on an orca is about 42 sec without travel time. Drone cycles can not be remote boosted.

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Umm afk mining is now a thing of the past gents.

Enjoy those FoB’s!

Ah, yeah. Forgot about those little fu**ers.

Lol. I came across one afk’ing today. He had his augmented mining drones out, And a couple a rats knocking on his shield, I was passing through and decided to shoo the rats away.

Looks like CCP starts rivaling Code by sending their own version of an afk killer fleet.

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