Mining escalations!

So, ratters get escalations for better loot and such, why not having mining escalations, where there is a whole lot of one kind of ore in an anomaly that can’t be warped to and can’t be scanned down, and has an escalation gate to get into.

And if you really wanted to watch the PvPers scream, limit the gate so that only Ore ships can use the gate, so they need to get battle procs and ventures to attack it.

Nope, we already have enough ore, we need more destruction before we can have more ore.

Don’t you read the economic reports?


Yes, we can have those once Rorquals have been limited to 1 within 1000 km around any asteroid.

These escalations, however, would also have to be structured in a way that only allows at most Orcas near the asteroids of the escalations.

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