Mining/Indy carebear looking to make the plunge into WH space (EUTZ)

I’m a carebear of the highest order. What can I say, I enjoy mining/industry and will always do a bit of both but I want to experience the other side, I want to blow ■■■■ up instead of the one being blown up. Currently sitting on 53.5M SP. Pretty much a maxed rorq pilot but can also fly carriers. I know neither are that useful in WH space, I just don’t know if any of the skills transfer into something that’s PVP useful. Other than jumping into a few wormholes when exploring, I don’t have a clue what I’m doing. Looking for a friendly, active corp to teach me the wormhole ways. I’m ready to learn, just point me in the right direction!

I’m from the UK, so EUTZ corp is a must. As much as I love this game I have extreme fatigue so I need my beauty sleep. Those late night ops kill me. Got a mic and I’m ready to go.

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