Mining/Indy/Producer 60M SP Char Looking for corp

Hello there…i come back to eve those days…after a loooong pause. My last login was in 2012, and now i feeling nostalgin about eve.
Game complete change till now and i dont remember nothing about my char, but i have a 60m indy/mining/produced char that i wanna use.
I remember i had a pos amarr in high sec for make research/copy/producer a lot of BPO (that i still have) ut atm i need some refresh.
Soo i looking for an indy corp, possibly with a pos and Corp BPO to use in pos…i also have an orca with bonus.
(plus, i skilled this char for produce all…also titan ready).
I also have another PVP char with 50m SP but i like more indy aspect now.
Let me know


i forget to say, i am an italian guy.

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Check out Leviathan rising in game. They have a HS island they like to use for moon mining and BPO/BPC production. Send Mialta or Sunstar an evemail in game if you’re interested in just chilling and mining.

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i am going with them…thanks bro

NP let me know if you need anything at all just evemail me

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