Mining Laser Grouping?

Is the idea of being able to Group your Mining Lasers together to make mining more easy than having to press both the F1 - F2 buttons at the same time?

  1. Does mining need to become ‘more easy’?
  2. What happens when both lasers mine a rock that only has enough ore left for one laser?

Grouping weapons helps reduce the amount of weapon calculations in fleet battles and helps reduce the amount of buttons to press in a hectic fight. I don’t think mining is hectic enough to require grouping of lasers and neither are there enough mining ships in a fleet to create situations where you want to reduce the TIDI by grouping weapons. And you probably get better yield if you don’t waste mining cycles on asteroids that only have enough ore left for one laser.


I don’t think in this case the convience is really a game breaker, but your second point is a good reason why no one should actually group mining lasers.

Every new player suggestion typically has something to do with one of two things. Convenience or pure laziness…

you in a corp? if not you should be, and if you are you should leave it they aren’t a good one if they haven’t explained the basics of the activities you’re participating in.

grouping the mining lasers would not be easier or make you more isk. It would mean you need to switch rocks more often and make it harder for you to mine each rock efficiently and avoid wasting time over mining.

I saw you weren’t in a corp and that you’re only a few days old. Feel free to send me a mail in game and I can help you with the basics and hopefully find you good corp that will suit you.

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Same as today. You get the ore that was left and waste the others lasers cycle.

But as Lugh mentioned, always spread your lasers on many roids possible.

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In low sec anoms you get big rocks often quite far apart. For that it may make sense to group mining lasers.

But yeah, the vast majority of the time you want to split your lasers and even in low sec anoms it would have a tiny benefit.

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