Multi-targeting asteroids question

Is there a way to have it so that once you deplete one rock, you automatically target the next one? I have two rocks targeted and wondering if the first one is depleted, will I need to manually stop the mining lasers and restart them on the next target?

Thanks in advance!

The mining lasers will stop once the first rock is depleted. You will then need to reactivate them on the next rock. There is no way to automate this process.


Understood, and thanks to you both for that info!
I will refrain from bots, and just be mindful of the time for each asteroid to deplete. I haven’t played since 2010, so I am getting re-acclimated.

In my function as a nitpicker, I have to clarify: The mining lasers check if there is any ore left at the end of each cycle (or when you end the cycle manually), so the lasers stop mining after the cycle is completed in which the asteroid depletes - and this can be more than 2 minutes after there’s no ore left…
So if you are semi-afk mining, that’s ok. If you are sitting there watching the stars, you can also watch your survey scanner and calculate the time you should finish the cycle to get a high m³/sec ratio.

In some smaller/older fields you can pop several asteroids within a minute that way :wink:


you can split your mining lasers between rocks to allow for more leisure/afk time before they start to deplete.

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I removed a post concerning botting so it is clear to any players who might read this thread in the future that there is no way to automate asteroid targeting in Eve.


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