Afk mining drones

Is there a way to set the mining drones to mine without having to target a rock? Even after they finish the asteroid, to keep mining random rocks.

As a miner myself, I say absolutely not. I shouldn’t need to explain why

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Absolutely not you should never be AFK mining

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Probably not, as their are to many different types of ore. You would have to release the drones, click them while in space with no target, and select “Mine” if it where possible in the drop down; thats how you can AFK salvage with drones but its terribly slow (in the sense of not watching them or using an alt while your main is in another room).

Best bet is to put each drone on a different large rock. But tell CHODE first, so they will know your not AFK :thinking:

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Best is to never tell a word to CODE . if you are in a tanky miner you can mock them xD

Absolutely not!

No and imo you should have to tell them to mine each time they come back.

No. You can auto-target ships using a hi-slot mod and have your drones attack them. But there is no facility to auto-target rocks and have your drones mine them.

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