Mining Drones

So idk if this has ever been addressed but why don’t mining drones move on to the next target after depleting a source? Combat drones automatically move to the next target so why not mining drones?

Combat drones work on aggro mechanics. They don’t just move to the hostile target nor base this decision on what you target yourself. It’s all determined on either what you have shot at or what has shot you, depending on if you have set them to aggressive or defensive.

Mining drones also work differently in that you send them to mine, or mine and repeat. So basically, while yes they are drones, the mechanics behind them are completely different.

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To expand on the accurate answer above, the more practical reason from a game design perspective is that you shouldn’t be able to mine a whole asteroid belt while not playing the game. Continuous and unattending drone mining would be too much of an advantage over turret miners.

Of course it makes no sense that our powerful space ships lack the ability to decide what to mine on their own, or to at least have a queue to mine in some order set by the pilot, but this is a video game and CCP wants you to interact with it to some degree. Mining is already some of the lowest action-per-minute gameplay you will find so don’t count on this ever changing.


Your drones stop mining after I bump your AFK Orca 500km out of the belt anyway…


It seems OP’s problem would be solved if CCP made asteroids shoot at ships. :smirk:

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Ok first, I don’t mine with an orca that’s retarded. Lol second, you’ll never catch me I’ll put wings on it and just fly away.

I don’t mean AFK mining. I’m talking about your drones moving from one target to the next automatically. You target 5 rocks, click “mine repeatedly” and you’re set until you run out of targets. Select 5 more targets and repeat. But you do have a point, that does give a slight advantage if you are an afk miner.

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No advantages to afk mining.

AFK mining is good for when you have to answer the telephone or are doing laundry.

Don’t listen to the gankers who say its your fault for being ganked while AFK doing other things. It’s not a criminal act to afk mine.

I wouldn’t want this. If you look away for 3 seconds and your 6 bil worth of excavator drones fly 15km away it would take much longer to get them back.

This can already be done with 1 drone per rock.

Because BOTs. They ruin any and all chance of automating stuff…


This should be a thing as soon as asteroids start shooting back! And they should! Poor roids, always getting eaten up by the evil meany capsuleers! WILL SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE ROIDS! D:

Perhaps smartbombing asteroids should be a thing.

I like the idea! The longer a miner keeps “pumping” his “laser” into the “asteroid”, the more likely it should become that the “asteroid” eventually “explodes” into hundreds of thousands tiny “pieces” spreading all over your “ship” ! And then you have to go back to the station to “shower”, because you’re completely covered in “roidgoo”.

Wash your mouth out with soap ! :slight_smile:

No way! Soap drys out the mouth and I bet you prefer mouths to be lubricated, don’t ya hun? :drooling_face:

Lubricated with bourbon, preferably:sunglasses:

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