Mining drones should not be so passive

When you have combat drones out and they are set to aggressive, they will move on to the next target as soon as they are finished with the previous. So, why mining drones do not follow this behavior? I want them to move on to the next asteroid after depleting the first one, instead of just sitting in space doing nothing and looking stupid. This is not a shining example of good AI. Come on CCP, I know something like this wouldn’t be so hard to implement and would make us miners happy.


Botting aspirations detected…



Why? So you can AFK for hours on end?


You mean, like people who mine ice in Orcas do? Why they should have advantage over people mining ore in belts?

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There is no advantage. You will both get bumped and/or ganked for being AFK either way…

And your ice drone won’t move to the next berg either…
Not a good argument on your part.

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“Mining should not be so passive”. There, I fixed the title for you…


I’m not a big fan of bots at all but I kinda do see a point here.

When I’m mining I will sometimes use each of the lasers on one type of ore, and split my five drones into two pairs and a single to mine different kinds of ore. Basically to maximize the types of ore that I can mine simultaneously.

It would be handy if you set a drone to mine Omber for example, and it’s in a field of Omber and Veldspar, for it to automatically move to the next nearest Omber rock that’s available, or to return and orbit if no Omber is available.

I do get that targeting a new rock as one expires isn’t necessarily a big deal, and that automating really annoys some über focused people who hate cheats but it does make sense to me given that combat drones behave in a similar way.

And while I don’t ever 'bot mine (not once, ever) * I do chat on B4R from time to time and try to help pilots there and not having to worry about the drones continually would be nice.


*For what it’s worth, and for the record, I’m always fully engaged with the game although I do like to chat to people while I’m playing a fair bit.

Even if I did want to 'bot mine, which I don’t at all†, on a Mac, it’s pretty much impossible because all the cheats and macros that exist are designed for PC users.

† I really don’t see the point of 'bots anyway and I never really have. While I understand the aim of some cheats is to get super rich with minimal effort, I’m left thinking, really?

Why on Earth would you not play a game, that you claim to love, in order to allow 'bots to do the work so that you can get ahead in the game without actually playing it at all then do even more of not playing the game at all? I mean what?! Really?!

No no and no.
Mining is super easy as it is why make it more easy.
5 min timer if you don’t move the mouse the drones return to the drone bay.

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Alt troll maybe ?

I missed this the first time around.
I’m a miner it wouldn’t make me happy.
What would make me happy is to not have to come to post like this and try to defend the average Joe miner. Most of us are happy with the way things are right now.
I don’t want everyone to think that all miners feel this way.

So which asteroid is going to aggress the drone or your ship to trigger mining it?

Drones only respond to new aggressive action. You can prove this by launching your drones and watching them idle forever while you already hold full red box aggro.

You have to issue a new combat command, or be shot at by a new aggressor, or manually engage your drones.

I don’t think afk orcas need even fewer reasons to interact with them. Nor do bots need an easier life.


I see you troll!

CCP should remove aggressive behavior from player combat drones. That would address a whole bunch of problems in addition to bringing it level to mining drones being passive :muscle:


Why would any non-combat drone benefit from an ‘aggressive’ setting? Mining a rock isn’t aggressive, it’s a non-combat action.

I would be in favor of combat drones being restricted to attacking only enemies you already have targeted when they cycle idle, not just any old ship that happens to be firing at you, as this would reduce some AFK behaviors. Even with target-back turned on, players doing non-combat activities (especially miners) would have to leave target slots open for their drones to be effective, and actually engage the drones against the first rat themselves instead of letting the drones take care of it all automatically.

That’s a legitimate, if not predictable, question. The answer is that combat and mining drones are designed for different purposes, so you can’t just copy/paste behavior from one to next. The easiest solution would be just to make the drones mine the closest asteriod. Sometimes it will be Omber instead of Spodumain so people not relying on their drones auto-mining the nearest rock will still be at advantage.

That’s my problem if it happens, and the risk I’m willing to take. Don’t act like you’re trying to protect me from myself.

I agree, make the rocks attack barges. We’ve been shooting them for so long, it’s only fair they get to shoot back.


If you want active drone mining come to 0sec. The rocks are so small and pop so fast that my Orca mining feels like playing ping pong with 5 drones.

So… then it would be better to remove ‘aggressive’ mode from combat drones as well - would solve more problems compared to your suggestion (and what existed long time ago but was removed because bots).