Mining drones assist mode

(Piugattuk) #1

While mining in a fleet it would be nice if we can have our Corp mates have their mining drones dump their ore off in the Porpoise or Orca, or even the Miasmos.

As it stands now we can slave our combat drones but cannot with mining drones.

(mkint) #2

I would make a counter argument that mining is already too easy, and that there needs to be changes to make it more of a hassle. I’d make it so mining lasers don’t auto-repeat, in addition to leaving mining drone behavior as is.

(Piugattuk) #3

Of course, you can say that slaving drones to another makes PVE or PVP ‘too easy’, and that chages to make it so fleets don’t have a fleet commander in a Dominix using the power of a drone fleet to win while everyone else is free to engage in combat, in addition you can say no weapons should auto repeat either, so that the PVE and PVP could be more engaging, you could say.

(mkint) #4

Those could be fair claims as well, sure. However, combat has aspects of it that require skill and attention. Mining will never require skill, and it already requires very little attention. Why should the miner who just alt-tabs mine as much as the person who keeps the window open? Mining needs MORE engagement, not less.

(Do Little) #5

Miasmos/Porpoise/Orca can drop a MTU and the barges can jetcan their ore when the hold is close to full. That’s the way I used to do it.

Mining drones are slow - you want to keep them close to your ship. I don’t like the idea of letting a Miasmos pilot assign targets for my drones and have those drones benefit from my skills and drone mining augmentor rigs - too much like an “easy button”. To be consistent, I don’t think you should be able to do that with combat drones either! One of the drawbacks of having 2 weapon systems should be the workload of managing them both.

(Piugattuk) #6

Too make it ‘more engaging’ it would have to be changed to an extent that devs would have to rewrite the code, while it seems like a small task it is a lot of work for no real gain, mining in every game ever made has been a something that has been posted about forever, put it this way, if digging a hole in real life was exciting the whole world would look like Coober Pedy in Australia, it is a necessary evil, the only game that has tried to make it ‘more interesting’ has been star citizen, but I sure don’t see people in that game flocking to become miners.

I applaud eve devs for attempting to make mining more of a thing by adding moon ores, however even this is something that will not bring in people who don’t want to put in that type of play, yes it’s boorish, yes it’s repetitive, but it is as it is, making changes to make it more troublesome will only hurt the game play, not add, having the effect of everything costing more as less people mine, then have it sporadically go up and down as supplies of ore will only be mined when prices go up to ridiculous asking price, then fall when people rush in to dump their ore, prices will be unstable.

(Piugattuk) #7

It is already a problem of dropping an MTU only for some crazies to come by and shoot at it, any miner or fleet that does that is begging for trouble, jet can mining is a no, no, also asking for trouble, while it may seem like ‘easy’ mode it only makes a mining op more efficient, and still people will drop cans when they get full to be tractored anyway, the drone mode really doesn’t change much.

(Do Little) #8

I always kept the MTU within 2Km from the hauler so I could empty it easily - and scoop it instantly if needed. Never had a problem but that was a couple of years ago - times change.

(Piugattuk) #9

I wish an MTU was like a mobile depot, go into reinforcement mode, but, since that isn’t a thing to me it’s not worth putting a beacon out for trouble.

(mkint) #10

Also note that I said “engagement” not “fun.” There are some games out there that make resource collection fun, but that’s not the point here. As far as game design, you want people playing your game, not alt-tabbed out. There are probably some industry statistics about how often you want your users interacting with the client. Mining in EVE fails in that way, on multiple levels. Removing auto-repeat would help bring the clicks per miner closer to where they ought to be.

(Piugattuk) #11

Problem is that asteroids look like giant turds in space, as we mine they don’t turn magically into nude females (or males if that’s your thing), if mining changed to make it more troublesome I’d quit, I’d get rid of my other accounts because it’s too much trouble, mining gives you certain amounts in a certain time frame, it can be reduced but you still need to move around often especially in high sec where the roids are quite anemic compared with null or even low.

About the biggest roids one can find are about 90,000 to the rare 120,000 in high, and that can be melted down in a short time, then having to move on, most roids in high when you find them are about 30,000 to 60,000 in 0.5 systems, but in null they have the mother of all roids down there, so this click and take a 30 min break, just not true for high sec, with a proper mining fleet most roids last 1 or 2 cycles of the mod, now in null roids up to 500,000 units…if that was in high sec you could click and break for a bit, but high…no, 1:30 sec to 2:00 mins, then done, my goodness people should understand that you just don’t click and go wander off for any great amount of time, your ship will be floating in mt space just waiting to get popped.

Veldspar was the roid I am referring to, I will tell you something that went largely unnoticed, Veldspar roids in dead space anomalies used to be up to 90,000 units in many of them, then I seen it drop to 80,000 units, now, 70,000 to 60,000 units are most of what you find, and then the space between them is often over 90km apart, so yeah, this click and walk away for long periods, just lies.

(Your Ex-Girlfriend) #12

Risk vs Reward

You want the higher rewards, you have to go get them.

Also, the crappy yields in highsec is 100% intentional.

(Piugattuk) #13

And that is not something I even post about, the post was about having mining drones dump off in the dedicated hauler/booster ship, anything I posted in regards to less units, is to point out that people are delusional if they believe that mining in high sec is click and forget.

(Your Ex-Girlfriend) #14

You spent two paragraphs whining about the amount of ore in the rocks right after a paragraph whining about how you’ll quit if mining becomes less of an AFK activity. You even managed to combine the two whines in the second paragraph.

If you’re not able to start your mining beams and alt-tab out for 5 minutes in highsec, you’re in the wrong system. Move farther from the trade hub.

As to the assist mode. It’s a horridly inefficient use of an already horribly inefficient system. So, no.

(QuakeGod) #15

Yes, please implement this, so I can bump your Orca/Porpoise 100km out of the belt and all the drones will follow it…

(Piugattuk) #16

Ok yes, you win, I whined, sheesh, do people understand the difference anymore or do they just latch on to certain words that fit their mindset.

I was gonna post an explanation to ‘try’ to mindmeld with you but I’m no lumber Jack.

(Piugattuk) #17

That’s no problem, if you wander off for that amount of time then that’s what happens, if you find being annoying productive, thank goodness you don’t live in my home, you really must be a piece of work adding God into the name, that says much about someone.

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