Resource Wars mining question

I’m returning to EVE after a break of over 3 years and thought I would give RW a spin. Dusted off my Venture with 2x T2 mining lasers and T2 mining laser upgrades and landed on my first Level 1 mission.

Didn’t get close to soloing the 10k target (think I got to about 8k). What’s up with this? I did notice the asteroids had a habit of depleting after two cycles. Should I be retargetting after one cycle so as not to waste time on a second cycle that yields close to nothing maybe?

And no I didn’t waste time moving around I was mining continuously letting my drones take out the rats.

Half a cycle per asteroid should be enough to deplete it and should yield around ~1600 units, so in total you need around 8 asteroids to get the 10k units needed. At least this is how I’ve solo’d Limited (level 1) Resource Wars sites

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It is undoubtedly double, as there are videos of people doing it online.

One thing that seems to be a recurring is that the asteroids don’t have much in them, so ending your cycle early (ex.: If tyhe asteroid only half the ore you can make in a cycle, stop the cycle after it’s half done) will save you time. It is probably to deterr people from afk’ing.

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My Ventures always got shot, once I was able to warp away with 5% hull left (that was helluva red HUD), but the next attempt my Venture was destroyed. My drones didn’t get through shields of these frigs in that time… Next try will be a shield tanked Venture with >2500 HP, but anyway it doesn’t feel like piece of cake.

With the right fit, almost everything should be possible :thinking:
Here is my recommended fit for level 1, “Limited” Resource Wars site:

[Venture, Resource Wars]
Damage Control II

Medium F-S9 Regolith Compact Shield Extender
1MN Afterburner II
Medium F-S9 Regolith Compact Shield Extender

Miner II
Miner II

Small Core Defense Field Purger I
Small Core Defense Field Purger I
Small Core Defense Field Purger I

‘Integrated’ Hobgoblin x2

Statistics (with “Perfect” core skills):
4993 EHP
26 HP/s regen (Shield)
1042 m/s
Cap stable

34.5 Drone DPS

Some micro-management of drones may be needed.

I’ve only seen the RWs in gallente space so I only seen Daredevils that look to be shooting hybrid turrets. Try therm and kin resist rigs.

When me and my Corp go into level 1s, we go 2 ventures and a cover ship like a Tristan or something to get the attackers off quicker.

Thinking of adding a shield rep to the miners just for level 2s and 3s to login each other if needed. Need to see if the Caps will hold.

Indeed, with a 3’500 hp venture it is way easier and can be completed solo in 4 minutes. Drone Micromanagement to concentrate on one frig and miner micromanagement in connection with a survey scanner help a lot.
But it’s quite hard to find a minor site (lvl2), obviously they are very popular :slight_smile:

Hmm maybe I should have used the survey scanner like you said.

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