Mining laser on 4 types

Ship used : Endurance
Fit in lows: mining laser upgrade II X3
Ore type : Veldspar

  • ORE Deep Core Mining Laser
    Mining amount per cycle: 4,046 units
    market Price: 280,000,000 ISK

  • Miner II
    Per cycle : 6,070 units
    Less then a mil per unit.

  • ORE Miner
    Per cycle : 6,573
    Market Price: 288,095,238 ISK

  • Modulated Deep Core Miner II
    Per cycle : 21.25K or 7083.3 divided X3
    Market Price: 1,476,732 ISK

Amounts will vary depending on skills and implants.

So this info?

Seems like a convoluted way to get it.

Yeah but laziness prevails, adding up mining amounts isn’t for the fingering impaired, or the mentally impaired like me, so a picture with the total amounts makes for lazy times.

Also the ORE Deep Core Mining Laser is totally junk.

Also… Are the deep core miners not only able to mine mercoxit?

“It’s important to remember, however, that without the proper crystals this unit is only marginally useful for mining mercoxit, and highly inefficient for most anything else”

Arh, yeah. Can see that now. Not a miner myself.

Just found it a convoluted way to get the info, when it was available in-game.

Not all the information is there the ORE Deep Core Mining Laser doesn’t show a price but the point for me was that ore miner sure isn’t worth that price considering what you get for it, in my opinion of course.

Jep, that is totally true.

If you use the ORE miner, you only paint a bit target on yourself. You become quite juicy as a possible gank target.

Exactly, wouldn’t use them because the paranoid level will be bad, when a miner II is a thousand times cheaper makes no sense for sure.

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