Mining message paging phrase selections needed

Ok miners, chime in on this one,

you’re out in asteroids mining, the nice lady’s computer voice has an announcement for just about everything, except mining events.

To suggest a few:

Mining hold at half capacity
Mining hold full
Mining target lost, no valid mining target selected
Suspected criminal pilot has entered the system

I’m sure there’s more that could be said.
But the quiet little chime isn’t enough.

Is it hard to see these things on the screen?
For example the mining target lost, surely the loss of the target indicator right in front of you is a good enough indication of this event?

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you’re advocating for possible AFK notifications… we are trying to get AWAY from AFK notifications.

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This would make alt-tabbing/afk mining so much easier. While these would be nice as I do multibox and play other games while playing eve, I cant advocate for them.

Asteroid Depleted is already in the game.
A chime for a full hold would be nice but that would still make afk mining that much easier as then I wouldn’t have to worry about tabbing over to check if I’m full or not, so I can’t really advocate for that.

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