Warning sounds

While mining asteroids with my Venture i figured out, that would be great to have a warning sound (not an UI speech) to tell us when an asteroid got depleted, or when enemies are warping out close to us…

So i thinked as well to a checkbox list just below the Advanced Audio Settings to be able to switch on/off the warnings we wants.

Hope that will help :wink:

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There is already a sound when an asteroid is depleted. There is also a sound when entities warp onto your grid so you know someone warped onto you.

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I set my d scan to 500,000 km’s then refresh when unknowns show up in local along with listening for the boom sound when a ship is breaking warp speed.

As for the asteroid, a survey scanner comes into good use.

You could just use your eyes…

Hope that will help :wink:

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Waw, why are you guys so salty ? I just want to help…

I’m talking about warning sounds that isn’t an “UI speech” or a “UI sound level” (you know in the “Volume Level” settings… but a new one named Warning Sounds for example…

PS : [Archer en Tilavine], i don’t have any sounds when a ship or an ennemy ship is warping into my place…

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Your suggestion don’t seem to want to “help” more than you just want the game to help you be more lazy you can mine without having to pay attention.

I don’t think we need a new category of sound effects just for the sake of making a noise when an asteroid is depleted. You already receive plenty of indicators already. As for the warning about people warping in, that’s something that has even less reason. You can already see them warping onto the grid, appearing on overview, and even getting advance notice if you scan them and see them on DScan.

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Why are you so lazy and dishonest?

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On the salty question, I’m salty (and happy to admit it), because there are too many people that want the game to be made easier to AFK, less challenging overall and safer.

The game has been on that path for the last few years and still people cry, while the community is still in decline. The current direction of development isn’t producing a great outcome.


Did you guys ever mine 15 hours in 2 days basic minerals non stop to get 20 million isk and finally get your first serious ship ? There are no fun in that and i don’t see how being able to watch a video while your ship is just mining for 10 min without nothing happening could be a bad outcome for the game. I want to add that, for everyone who have two screens then they can already watch a video without any problem. So it changes nothing to just add the possibility to do that WHITHOUT buying another screen. You guys are so arrogant… you must have some personnal problems or i don’t know what, but i have nothing to do with it, i did nothing to trigger you, and i’m also forcing myself right now to not roasting all of you so please, be cool, and everybody will be happy.

The game is not perfect. It’s not by trash talking to people in this forum that you will help to improve sh-t. The opposite in fact, people will just stop being active in the forum and there will last only stubborn like you that don’t give a sh-t about thinking about good features but to put a veto on everything.


Then don’t do it! Nobody is forcing you to mine so stop doing something you don’t like to do…you must have some personal problems or i don’t know what, but i have nothing to do with it, i did nothing to trigger you, and i’m also forcing myself right now to not roasting all of you so please, be cool.

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I never did because I did some quick math and realized it was an absolutely horrible way to waste my life mining “basic minerals”.

After that, I did some research, and joined up with a player corporation where they taught me how to make good isk by running faction warfare.

I didn’t stubbornly stick to my uneducated play style and demanded, like a whining child, that the game change for me. I learned and got better and figured out how to play the game first.

Yeah, you’re right. It’s not fun. But that’s the price you pay for participating in one of the lowest level, most basic activities in the game. It’s also the easiest and I don’t think we need to make the game any easier just because you’re so stubborn about it.

If you’re not paying attention, you should be at a disadvantage. Part of that disadvantage is not knowing exactly when your lasers go off or when hostile players warp near you.

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But i like mining. Why should mining being so lame ? Why did the developpers thought about a mining carreer if nobody can have fun with that ? You are talking non-sence. Just… go buy some brain cells, and some psychiatrist meetings.

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But i like mining. Why should mining being so lame ? Why did the developpers thought about a mining carreer if nobody can have fun with that ? I’d prefer mine some spicy minerals in dangerous places, with some action and fun, but i needed to go in that way because that is the skills i trained…

And also, i repeat it because apparently you didn’t get it, but if you have a second screen then you can already afk while mining. So why rich people that can afford that should have an advantage and not me ?

Talking about whining child… i’m not the one who’s trash talking inocent people just to pleasure his ego.

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Then mine!!!

All you are doing is complaining like an entitled child so…

I’m not complaining, i’m using this forum to share an idea of a feature that could make the game funnier… you know, because it’s how this forum is made for… And you what do you do… exept getting me tired… and talking non-sence

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Can a moderator talk to this people please ? This is going nowhere here

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I’m not complaining


There are no fun in that>
watch a video without any problem>
You guys are so arrogant>
you must have some personnal problems>
The game is not perfect>
Why should mining being so lame>
o buy some brain cells, and some psychiatrist meetings.>
Why should mining being so lame

Then stop replying to me…it’s really that simple…

I’m not complaining about the game i’m doing objective remarks. But for sure, i’m complaining about you

Dude, you really wants people attention, this is obvious. But please stop making fool of yourself
I’m replying because i think my idea could be helpful, and i feel sad to see people like you discouraging people who is using this forum like how it’s made for, by trash talking for free like that this is so mean

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Welcome back, again…

Why do you keep attacking me? Please stay on topic.

Yes you are complaining about the game. You are complaining that rich people with two monitors can watch videos while mining and you can’t. You want an alarm to help you while you are not directly playing the game but earning. You feel that CCP is not being fair to you because you are poor IRL. You are playing the victim card in order to get what you want and now when people call you out on that you cry more and then insult.

One more time…if you don’t like talking to me, stop talking to me. You are in control so…

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I am attacking you ! You feel clever, that you will flip the thing over :slight_smile:

  • Ok so, apparently you know better than me if i’m complain or not, so i can’t say nothing about it…
  • I want an alarm because i think it will be a good idea, that’s it
  • How do you know i am poor lol, i just said i’m not rich, like the majority of us

In fact, i am the victim, i’m not acting, just scroll back and see who trash talked first ! I tried multiple times to cool down the situation, but you keep arrasing me over and over ! This is unreal man, you really think you will fool somebody ? Come back to earth man, too much EVE can be unhealthy you know

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