Ministry of Furious Retribution (MOFR) are recruiting EUTZ!

Hi there

Ministry of Furious Retribution (MOFR) are recruiting EUTZ!!

We are a close knit bunch of EURO guys that chat ■■■■ and shoot space ships …normally at the same time. we are looking to recruit more people and grow the corp. plenty of laughs and always something to do here.

Who we are: MOFR is a new corporation with pilots from all different types of play styles in eve …but we all have one thing in common we love to join fleets and make fleets and go out and kill stuff.

Currently we’re part of Solyaris Chtonium in the midst of ridding Delve of the Goonswarm menace, and you’re welcome to join us!

Our corp kill board:

What we offer:

  • PvP all forms - juicy kills…the best fun you can have in eveonline
  • ISK Making opertuninitys
  • Very socialy friendly EUTZ corp
  • Infrastructure
  • Logistics
  • Exploration
  • Alliance level SRP
  • Our Alliance rocks wink


  • Omega pilots only - 10 MILL MIN REQ
  • comms interview and esi check
  • PvP interest and solid understanding of game mechanics.
  • Have a mic and vocal on comms …make friends
  • Able and willing to fly doctrine ships, or train for them if unable to currently.
  • Dread and Carrier and supers are a plus.
  • Active and willing to get stuck in
  • Willing to learn

Join our discord for more information or to ask any questions.

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