EUTZ - Casual Low-Sec PvP Alliance

Filthy Mofo’s are the executor corp of HeIIspawn Alliance.

We are a casual low-sec players who are here to have fun. We have minimal mandates and do not dictate how you play.

We are looking for some new blood to join us for casual PvP, PvE and Industry. We are welcoming new bros and vets to apply. To be blunt, we are older players with families who know real life comes first, so we do not have harsh game-play requirements. We just ask that if you want to join us, you are friendly towards Alliance members and are fairly self-sufficient in terms of making your ISK.

We specialise in small gang PvP, low-sec piracy and high-sec warfare.

Whether you are a miner, industrialist, explorer or military minded pilot, we welcome you to join us and play the game how you want.

We can offer:
★ Regular roams
★ Needlejack PvP
★ Good Mining Opportunities
★ Low tax
★ A relaxed environment
★ Experienced leadership

We also have offer:
★ Discord channels to team up with your corp/alliance-mates (we do not require you are online all of the time, but it is preferred if you are in a fleet).

Message us for more info or apply to mofos in-game. Corps welcome to apply to the alliance.

Bump - Still looking for more guys.

Apply today, we have moved to low sec and still welcoming more guys! :slight_smile:

We have stopped high-sec warfare and are now focusing on low-sec for the time-being. This means we are no longer eligible for war. PvE pilots welcome.

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