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Hello, do you guys take new players? I’m currently running missions in Minmatar and enjoy playing the enforcer type combat roles. DO you still get to do NPC type missions or is it all pvp all the time?

We do! FW is very accessible with a wide range of activities, it’s not all PP.


Great people to run with!


Best PVP action in the game

The hype is real! Join now and let’s shoot some Amarr and make some isk.

Everyday has tons of content and this weekend has been a blast!

Tired of your current situation and want to give something new a try? Faction Warfare let’s you find most types of content you’re looking for every time you log in. Solo, Small Gang, Fleet - it’s all here! The best part is you can make decent isk while you pvp! Stop by our discord today!

Another weekend of great content is coming up! Fleets of all sizes will be ran. Join now and enjoy the fun!!

Discord link expired

Fixed thanks!


Tons of content every weekend!


To the top!

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