Minokawa- Rorq Pilot

Toon Sheet

Decent Pilot for both Rorq and Mino Pilot

T2 Modules for both and good fighter skills - make isk mining on downtimes from fleet engagements.

Start 16b

Buyout - Surprise Me

Positive Wallet etc


16 B offer :slight_smile:

17 Bil

18 Bill

24 Bil


24.5 Bill

Ok I wanna sell i shall accept your offer am online now if you want to get ball rolling

Hello, I can do the ISK transfer arroind 19:15 eve time, because atm I am at work.

I will be online rdy

Hello, I am ready now :slight_smile:

ISK and ACC name send.

Toon Sent

Enjoy xD

Dear xxxx,

Another player is transferring the character Myfanwy JitaTrader to your account named xxxx.

Thanks, I will take best care of her.

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