Mise en Abyme - Freebooting eco-terrorist commies EU TZ

Mise en Abyme is looking for freebooters and eco-terrorists.

MEA’s relentless mission revolves around confronting the stark reality of a universe marred by the consequences of irresponsible profiteering. Capsuleers, blinded by their pursuits, have unwittingly turned New Eden into a graveyard of bio-hazards, a breeding ground for death. Our elite squadron, armed with advanced weaponry and unyeilding resolve, unleashes the cleansing fire of eradication upon the malevolent bio-hazards that threaten our very existence.

Take control of the means of production with our PvE without the grind system.

Re-educate capitalist capsuleers and prevent the spread of bio-hazards through non-consensual PvP.

Partake in our unique loot sharing system aimed at assisting new capsuleers while protecting New Eden’s environment.

New to New Eden? No problem! Our pilots are experienced and compentent trainers. Alphas welcome. No SP limits. Free ships, skill books and educational material are included in our new recruit pack.

Join “Bio-Elimination” chat channel in game to contact a friendly waste elimination agent now!

PvE, PvP, High-Low-Nul-Jspace, light roleplay. All levels of experience welcome. MEA currently resides in high security space about 10 minutes from Jita.

Edit: Ideally, you should be able to use voicecomms.

Do you have other requirements, like a working mic, Discord/Mumble/TS registration?


Hey Sasha,

Ideally you would be able to use a microphone and voice comms. If that is a problem, just let us know - it isn’t an absolute requirement but will probably limit your activity.

Thanks for your reply, Xi. I’ll pass it on.

Still recruiting!

Still looking for ragtag layabouts who love ninja salvage, ninja-missioning, abyss runs, exploration, loot sharing. a dose of frigate-to-the-face pvp and hanging out on comms.

Still recruiting! Long weekend of isk making and hull mining ahead. Come say hi!