🌌 Misfits and Mavericks Wanted! Korinthian Kommune!

:milky_way: Misfits and Mavericks Wanted! Korinthian Kommune!

Korinthian Kommune beckons the bold and the brave, those who find solace in the storm and joy in the joust where every skirmish is a story, and every exploration is an epic. If you’re unchained by the mundane and yearn for the thrill of the fight, welcome home.

What Sets Us Apart?

Combat and Escalation Sites: Delve into the most perilous corners of space, where danger meets opportunity, and the rewards are as vast as the universe.

Small Gang PvP: Engage in exhilarating battles where strategy, skill, and solidarity reign supreme.

Mercenary Work: For the warriors for hire, we offer the chance to make your prowess profitable,

Homefront Site Fleet Operations: Defend our domain and participate in large-scale fleet activities that secure our place among the stars.whatever you feel you can add to this list of things to do please feel free to speak up.

Adrenaline seekers eager to chart and challenge escalation sites.

Tacticians and team players who thrive in the camaraderie and chaos of small gang PvP.

Mercenaries looking for a banner behind which to rally.

social outcasts or people looking for corp that isnt PC culture oriented

Freedom to Explore: Here, freedom reigns. We’re about having fun, taking names, and making a mark, all on your own terms.

Community and Camaraderie: Find your place among fellow misfits and mavericks, where every pilot plays a pivotal role.

Connect With Us:

To join our ranks, reach out to aruulis or pimps masterson- in-game or jump into our Discord Korinthian Kommune

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