Mishi Trade Combine☀ - [HS/LS - Indy/PVE - Roleplay]

Beyond Kor-Azor’s golden walls, below the gaze of the Dark Amarr, resides the desolate region of Aridia. A narrow path of systems twists through this waste, bordered by the tortured spacetime of the Trace Cosmos on one side and the furious storms of The Cauldron on the other. At its center, rising into the void, lies an oasis.
Men refer to Mishi as a desert, as a place of hardship. They wonder why any would wish to exile themselves so far from the light of Empire. Yet to the people who hail from its fourth planet or those that have come to call it home, Mishi is a paradise.
Come. Walk golden sands with us. Sip fragrant tea in our shaded bazaars. Worship in our fine temples. The hidden wonders of the Ni-Kunni await.

The Mishi Combine represents the interests of several Ni-Kunni families in the region of Aridia. It has a diversified portfolio of investments in resource extraction, trade and technology reclamation. The Combine is aggressively establishing itself in communities throughout the Mayonhen constellation.

Currently the Combine is looking to recruit dedicated capsuleer sub-contractors with an interest in industrial activities. Alongside the greater Alliance community there are a variety of additional opportunities for growth and wealth generation as well.

The Combine is an open employer, accepting pilots of any empire of origin. The only prerequisites for consideration are that the prospect be an adherent of the Amarr faith and be willing to relocate to Aridia.
To apply, contact Shinayin Naerth or Jen Roku, join the channel “Combine External Router” or reach out through the link below.

((Mishi Combine is a roleplaying corporation based around making a living in deep Aridia in and around the homeworld of the Ni-Kunni, Mishi IV. We have the same variety of content available as any non-RP corporation, but our primary goal is to have fun with more than just the basics of EVE. If the Lore has always interested you, if the idea of figuring out how to survive and thrive at the edges of society appeals this might be the right place for you. SP levels and experience are not even remotely as important as attitude and desire to make something fun and interesting of your gametime.

Not a big roleplayer but the idea still sounds interesting? RP is not required as long as you are willing to treat everyone involved in it respectfully. Come try a different version of EVE!))

LUMEN Discord - Say hey in the “Recruitment” channel.


Old men told of this place where water flowed from a rock.

Beasts hid from the shimmering heat, even elusive men came down from the distant mountains.

The desert is unforgiving to those who cannot understand its warnings.
Once men cleared grasses and moved rocks the vengeful sands buried the encampment strangling the flow of water.

Through generations, adventurers were lost in the shifting sands. Many came near the buried place only to meet their fate at the end of a fruitless journey.

Following his lost falcon, a young man found it perched upon a thin branch. Approaching the bird his anger turned to curiosity when he noticed small green leaves sprouting from the slender branch, a sure sign of water below.

The youth returned with his brothers to dig away the layers of time. They watched as the water bubbled out and began to wash away the sands, revealing the ancient walls of the camp. Soon, the lost oasis reformed.

The brothers settled alongside the pools, vowing that never again would beast or man be denied the source of life. The beasts returned and following them the men from the mountains from whom the oasis took its name.

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