Missile Reload Time


Somehow my t2 cruise missile launchers are started to reload in 4 mins instead of 10 seconds. Any idea why this is happening? I didnt change anything on my fit.


I’m not 100% sure what you are saying.

It’s taking 4 minutes for the reload cycle to complete once it starts (from ‘a module has run out of ammo’ alert until reload completed and module can be re-activated)?

Or it takes 4 minutes to run out of missiles and need to reload?

I’d start with making sure that you are not experiencing TiDi (Time Dilation) in the system you are at.

It takes 4 minutes to reload the missile after launcher runs out of the ammo.

Are you in a TiDi situation, as Manweru asked? That will draw out the reload time, as it does everything else.

Beyond that, I’m baffled on how reload time could be extended.

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Unless in TiDi, or using Rapid Missiles, it should be 10 seconds to reload…

I can confirm the same. What should and used to take 10 secs to reload Heavy Missile Launchers now takes 4 mins. What gives? So much for DPS.

Additional info - this fit is using XR-3200 Heavy Missile Bays. No time dilation in effect.

If you know how to reproduce this, make bug report in game with steps how to do it.

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