Missing Contact Labels

When I log out of the game and log back in the labels I have created and assigned to my contacts disappear. The contacts are still there but none of them have their labels assigned and all my labels are missing. The funny thing is that none of the contacts who had previously been assigned a label appear in the section “No Label” - only contacts who have never been assigned a label. And if I try to create a new set of labels using the same name as one of the previous ones I get an error message saying “label already in use.”

Clearly the game remembers the labels, and even remembers which contacts they should be assigned to, but for some reason it won’t display them. I tried verifying the cache in the launcher and when I restarted the game all the labels were there as they should be. But then next time I logged off and logged back in I had the same problem again.

I’d love to find a solution to this problem as the contact list is pretty useless for me without a way of remembering what each person is tagged for.

are you accidentally logging into SiSi? in case you were trying out the new skillsheet?

Nope tranquility. It’s been happening regularly for a long time.

Have you used Log Off before instead of quitting the game to switch a character? If so, quit the game and restart the client. That fixes it. This is a bug for a few months now with Log Off.

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Amazing, this seems to have done the trick. I often just X out of the game when I’m done, and when I don’t do that I sometimes use log off to switch character. I’ll have to start using the quit game option. Thanks a bunch Zhalyd, much appreciated.

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