Mission Level 3 or stay on 2 till L4?

Some ppl say me “Skip L3 mission, run L2 and farm rep then jump to L4”… alot of ppl tell me this… it’s true??? Cash from Abyss…

First, don’t listen to them. If you are unsure or low on funds or both, hop on the test server, ask your level 3 mission agent for a mission and try them out.
You will get a nice pay-bump and the LP rewards are also much bigger. Once you have trained the most important skills to level 5, you will notice that you can run most of those missions super quick.

Depending on where you are, you may even have level 2 and 3 agents in the same system. However, those agents will start to make you travel to the location first.

If the Kobayashi Maru test is something you can handle, you can certainly try abyssal space. Just try it on the test server and get a feel for them.

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Go to level 3 you will learn to fit more properly as the difficulty increases plus assuming you are new you will need alot more skills trained for a L4 BS.

If your not new and have tons of skills/experience and just want to get to L4 quick then yeah farm L2 etc.

Abyss will net you 25billion isk per month though and mostly risk free.

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Also don’t forget to use the capsuleer social booster drugs. For this event! HUGE rep boosts with it.

Depends on your play style and what ship you want to fly and also how many video’s you are prepared to watch on youtube and learn from.

I specialized in frigs and went to lvl 4’s and do them with a hawk now and found it easier to spam 2’s and check the lvl 3 missions for the blitzable ones and when it wasn’t blitzable waited out the 4 hours while doing 2’s.

Coming from the perspective of the Standings Improvement agency, we started blitzing L3s over L4s unless we can chain burners to help maximize the standings we hand out for our clients. We can complete several L3s at once compared to completing 1 L4.


Yea I wish the lvl 4’s where shorter, nothing worse than getting an extravaganza or massive attack and you know you will be stuck in that mission for 1 hour 30 minutes (usually try skip them if I have enough standings lol).

I can relate to that! My goodness even with me trying 110% in my golem those missions take FOREVER

:face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle: this should be under 30 min.

in a marauder maybe but how much isk is that per hour is it even worth it.
about 120mil in salvage + bounties and about 20mil worth of lp and mission reward. Not bad but that salvaging is going to take a good 15 min so that’s 30 min killing + 15min, 45min for 140mil which is 186mil/hour. (its obv going to be more if you run it in null sec with the 50% + to bounties and the higher lp and isk reward) but having a golem sitting in space for 45min in npc null ouchies thats asking for it.

would still skip tbh.

Compare that to recon 1, 2 and 3 which takes 4 minutes to complete in an interceptor. 7908 lp and 2.6mil in pay that’s 304mil /h.

Much more if you run it in lets say serpentis space. Extravaganza needs a bump in income imo.

I hope when CCP finally get to making more missions and stuff they don’t have such long sites.

you should skip the salvaging.

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Yea you are probably right. Let me get an extravaganza proc and do the math properly with no salvaging and see maybe its much better.

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You could also blitz it.

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Ok it’s at 262mil/h (full clear) so not bad at all, not sure how to blit’s it so can’t work that out.

Using eve wiki or eve survival guide can teach you how to blitz them to prevent trigger spawns appearing

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I can only fly frigates atm so no way for me to try it lol.

keep also in mind that the gurista/angel Extravaganzas have more rooms than the serpentis one.

my comment was about the angel one with bonus room.

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my friend was adamant that you can get more LP in lvl 3 missions than lvl 4 but I kept trying to tell him that mission level rewards go up pretty much exponentially.

If you want to do missions for the rewards you should probably do them at the highest lvl you can. 4s are way more LP and loot value than 3s and 5s than 4s. You can do lvl 4 missions in a praxis with rapid heavy missile launchers with t1 modules and be cap stable as long as you only use the 500MN MWD or the XL shield booster one at a time. Using both drains cap fast but its cap stable with only one of those.

Just look at the mission on eve university wiki first so you don’t spawn all 3 reinforcement waves at once otherwise it gets really sticky and you have to keep warping out after you kill 1 battleship cause you agro’d the entire pocket at once which is dumb. I am dumb sometimes.


Tell your friend that you can do anomic 4’s in a low security nullsec (-0.4) for 24k lp every 5 min or so lol although it takes times to cycle so maybe 7min if you include that + travel. (205k lp /h)

I think you would have to do 3’s at 1 and a half minutes to match it which might be posible im not sure.

Blitzing 5’s I heard is madness but have not experienced it myself.
Something like 80k in under 10min. And I think Bargest was the king at this.

I would skip all that and go to Factional Warfare, start cheap with frigates that cost no more than 2 million ISK. Make friends in low sec and in the future if they want to run some L5s go with them.

Thank me later.

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