New advice on L3 blitzing after coming changes

With L4 being removed from highsec and the scanning combat anoms removed from highsec was looking to figure out another PVE income but i dont want to run abyssals and have to use 10billion isk fits.

Was thinking a good all around runner would be a HAC like shield AC vagabond but not much experience. The resists look great if i was to run amarr level3 missions too

Sucks they are pushing more solo content away to low/null but i guess thats how its supposed to be.


Where do you read that?

As for the ship: If you are a bit masochistic, try the Oracle. It’s a real beast in many Amarr L3 missions and only struggles a bit if there is heavy tracking disruption presence.

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And if you are planing on the occasional epic and may have cruiser ‘v’ anyway, the legion in basic form is more than adequate, and can be turned into a missile/drone boat at epic time. This pi toon has used this one for ages w/no problems while being only skilled just well enough to step in. With higher skills can make them very cheaply as problem is fitting room really, not lvl 3 dps or resists issues.

I can’t find where lvl-4 content could be leaving high, are you trolling or am I missing the boat as usual?


[Legion, Gregorious Methodios’s Legion Trig]

Centum C-Type Medium Armor Repairer
Reactive Armor Hardener
Shadow Serpentis Multispectrum Energized Membrane
Shadow Serpentis Multispectrum Energized Membrane
Heat Sink II
Heat Sink II

10MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner
X5 Enduring Stasis Webifier
Parallel Enduring Target Painter
Republic Fleet Medium Cap Battery

Focused Modulated Medium Energy Beam I, Imperial Navy Multifrequency M
Focused Modulated Medium Energy Beam I, Imperial Navy Multifrequency M
Focused Modulated Medium Energy Beam I, Imperial Navy Multifrequency M
Focused Modulated Medium Energy Beam I, Imperial Navy Multifrequency M
Focused Modulated Medium Energy Beam I, Imperial Navy Multifrequency M
Focused Modulated Medium Energy Beam I, Imperial Navy Multifrequency M
Salvager I

Medium Kinetic Armor Reinforcer II
Medium Thermal Armor Reinforcer II
Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II

Legion Core - Augmented Antimatter Reactor
Legion Defensive - Nanobot Injector
Legion Offensive - Liquid Crystal Magnifiers
Legion Propulsion - Wake Limiter

Multifrequency M x6
Radio M x6
Standard M x6
Scan Resolution Script x1
Targeting Range Script x1

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CCP say they will start to sunset missions and original PVE now that much improved PVE has been introduced and is more popular.

There was good discussion in game missions around it. So just want to start now and get headstart and ready.

Neither is the new PVE improved nor is it more popular. It is worse than the old PVE in any regard imaginable. The new PVE is grindier than missions, it is less varied than missions, it is harder to do for less reward compared to missions and if you get tons of rewards, they are so out of balance compared to the risk that you have to wonder what the developers smoked who developed it.

Literally the only thing that is better with it is that the developers only have to take care of 1 or 2 settings and not hundreds different, immersive settings. And the players benefit not at all from it.

If you want a headstart, why do you want to go for L3s instead of the grindfest abyss?

Ok, the thread at Mission upgrades? ( Mission upgrades? - #20 by Soundwave_Plays_Diablo ) It does imply or at least force a partial conclusion, I get that, and coupled with what’s come out in the past few months…

Also w/regard to your HAC conjecture, I’ve not found any lvl 4 other than the Angel Extravaganza bonus room that the Eagle could not do (with me flying, others may have no problem), takes longer than a T3, but very reliable. The Cerberus has similar buffs, but for missile. I have not tried the Minmatar HACs but can’t imagine they’d be hopeless, as an Arbitrator will do every lvl 3 … or used to, perhaps there are drone aggro issues now that were not so pronounced once.

Good luck

I think you’re good man. This is not going to happen.

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I think it’s also better as devs can modify it without having a degree in abstract art.

it is not fun content was just hoping maybe they would improve missions but read this is unlikely and all solo content would be replaced with team abyssals and stuff. missions completely removed along with all the static probing combat sites.

sigh. i dont want to mine but i dont want to go to nullsec either.

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Calm down… I really don’t think you have anything to worry about. I believe when they mentioned “sunsetting” old systems, they were talking about COSMOS missions.

With WH’s already a main isk printing machine in game I don’t see this level 4 pull happening.

Done right they don’t even lose trillions in defence. With say both sides of goons/papi blowing lots of isk in SRP their profits have been used up to some extent for sure.

WH people don’t lose 100 titans/supers to SRP in some way lol.

Pull level 4, its now the dominance of the t3c, again. These blitz 3’s nice. Or machariel. High tracking fit it, this can do well here since its quite zippy for a BS. Feeds that WH fix. Or BPC hunts in angel content.

Or T3D looks good too. For some of the cheesier/easier lv 3 these are fine for blitz. Smaller, faster more agile than cruiser. And beefier than an AF.

If they remove missions they would have to go through and find another way to hand out standings to corps

This as well.

And then it tank the markets. Nice cascade there.

YOu don’t need a ship with 1 billion in mods to run level 3. So there goes a decent chunk of the market. Even site runners feel the burn. Their gear is now “useless” to most of the player base. It be useful to a site runner. A site runner finding gear no one wants to buy much. So…yeah…sites are dead still.

Even for blitzing take bitters like me and I’d go okay…lets rip out the shinies in the level 4 tengu/loki put on some T2. Sell that before the bubble bursts hopefully.

And a few chars trained over many year with perfect skills does level 3 damsel in distress fine all t2 fit. Been here…its how I fixed shoot on site a few times when I trash faction standings. Take cheaper t2, blap stuff, fix standing cheap over time.

Hell when it comes to t2 versus faction tracking I t2 it. 90 mil for a FN TC and this is all I get? Nope. Warp in at +30…blap. This keeps the 90 mil in my wallet lol.

Well they make the confirmation in missions channel that this is happen so…

Well then…t3c or pirate cruiser. Still not seeing this…but I never saw them wiping out the best main way from Jita to amarr so there is that.

You get some pick em up missions from a warehouse. MWD frigate with some buffer. rush in, take a few shots as you pick up the load and warp out. Use the same for recon 1 through 3.

T2 fit if for cost. Maybe pimp damage mods and the prop mod. I like shiny prop mods anyway. I lean to speed /sig tank on cruiser and below to not need an as expensive as hell tank. Do this well and you watch that screen keep on showing misses from the gun rats.

Want to offset missile damage look at halo’s if you tango with gurista enough to make it cost effective. Or sensor implants if jams an issue. My newish char hit a gurista blockade level 2 this week.

Took forever. They jammed the wolf hard. Now I have a tengu char with taloned clone…rarely sees a jam actually hit in even the most crowded gursita missions in level 4.

Just switch to abyss like everyone else.

to blitz L3s, just get a ferox/vulture. Or a mach.

basically, instant damage application > delayed, projection > DPS, and DPS > alpha.
Mobility is also important.

??? Can you please post your source? There has been no verifiable confirmation that the mission system is changing in the foreseeable future. If you have any proof please provide a link instead of conjecture…

With respect to your original questions. I can and have run all lvl 4 missions in a Vagabond no problem so lvl 3 should not be hard. I do it as a distraction from my habitual method or when I run them in lowsec as it is a much more cost effective approach. I wouldn’t recommend it if you are trying to blitz lvl 4s as time to completion is longer (mainly due to DPS on BS sized targets) but it should be fine to blitz lvl 3s.


on a side topic for others whats your vag fit for those L4? are you running crystals or other implants to help?