New advice on L3 blitzing after coming changes

it was discussion we have seen there among very admired and good players. @Dredwerkz and @Nolak_Ataru were making discussion on these mission removals and changes.

Was very interesting topic and they seem to have good informations on it. Upsetting though as some of us like to run missions not other stuff.

Would be nice to see a source, since I’m a missioner for the united standings improvement agency, and we deal strictly with raising standings for others

Yeah I still have my doubts. Nothing personal… it’s just hard to believe without concrete evidence.

It’s a very basic fit, nothing too blingy. I’ll post it later when I get home. The key is piloting, With a t2 afterburner fit the larger ships (most BS) have a hard time tracking you so incoming damage is fairly limited. Your sig radius is relatively small so that even the missile boats barely affect you Just make sure you take out anything that can web you first and then you have no real issues…

Maybe I missed it, but I see no mention of a reworked mission system from any reliable source. If you have anything please link it. If not, then I wouldn’t be too worried about any impending changes…

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yeah i have done this with a T3 before i think. just drop can and orbit with AB on and get attention of the small stuff first since most things come to you.

its probably even easier with something like a sleipner too due to its tank/dps output.

getting tired of BS and other massive/slow gank targets especially for epic arcs

Why I tend to enjoy my just for fun and standing runs on a newer minmatar based alt. Smaller level 3’s I will even say wth, lets leave the loki in the hangar and wolf it. Since that char is halo’d I can play speed/sig tank games a bit better. I can go almost no tank a few missions.

Repper only no resists for say em rats since wolf has a real nice EM resist on armour. So I get the room to put on more damage/application mods. Not bone crushing dps like pimp t3 but, well, its more the fun of just zipping around in a frigate.

Halo’s were part of my I always wanted to try them for real, not on just sisi. When I came back after my break I said I will do the oddball stuff just to do it different this time. Why have isk…if you don’t buy fun stuff. Right?

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