Mission Ready Mining - Welcoming New and Returning Pilots

Founder of the Fly Fearless [-FEAR] Alliance

Tax Rate 5.00 %
Base system: Eygfe VII - Moon 9 - Ishukone Corporation Factory
Near Hek, Dodixie and Jita!

Always welcoming new and veteran pilots!

Services and programs:

  • Newbie Friendly!
  • Fitting Assistance!
  • Fleet Coordination Training!
  • Generous buy-back program for Ore, PI, Ice and more
  • Small fleet PvP and Wormhole roams
  • Ship replacement program (SRP) during fleet-ops
  • Discord for community engagement
  • Alpha & Omega fleets for mission running, mining and more

MOST IMPORTANTLY: We will teach you how to pay for your account with ISK rather than Cash!

PUBLIC CHANNEL: Fly Fearless Pub - Swing by today!

Come by and say hello!

Message me on Discord Snowdevil#5745 :slight_smile: I am very responsive on there and I am looking to talk with you about the corp

Hey there. Our Discord info is in our public channel in game. If you’re looking for Diplo we can set that up there.

Always welcoming new and returning pilots!

We welcome pilots from all time zones, stop by and say hello!

Returning to the game? Now is the perfect time to stop by!

Up you go! Always welcoming!

So any corporation activities in the Metropolis region not wanting to kick the can again until it’s semi permanent move…greener per past experience was paint or a sewer leak so taking it slow and asking questions before i spend multiple days moving again.?

Hopfully not to specific questioning.

Well, we certainly aren’t going anywhere from here. We left where we were simply because there wasn’t enough opportunity.

Just a friendly reminder, still recruiting!

Well hello there, we’d love to have you!

If you’re brand new or returning to the game, we’d love to have you!

With an improved New Player Experience, and skill plans to get you on the road to making ISK, now is a great time to join!

We’re always welcoming new and returning players!

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